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NATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHY BULGARIA What is presented on this page are standard bibliographical sources that comprise Bulgarian national bibliography in both the generic sense of the phrase and the more specific. That means that the sources listed here attempt to be comprehensive for the subjects and time periods that they cover and/or are part of the official series Natsionalna bibliografiia na NR Bulgariia. Most of the titles below cover monographic items, as and for Bulgaria are presented elsewhere. There is also a separate page for which includes bibliographies of dissertations, of specific publishers and other works that do not constitute national bibliography.

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Modern Bulgarian publishing and bibliography had a rather late start compared to some of the other Slavic nations. (This page does not cover Old Bulgarian or OCS manuscripts and documents). Consider that by 1878 only about 1,650 Bulgarian books had been published. Since 1878 thousands more titles have been published and the Bulgarians then made a few attempts at comprehensive bibliographic coverage before the 1897 Bulgarski knigopis was established. 1897 was the year that a law was passed on legal deposit of printed items.

After World War II a Soviet style national bibliography took hold with separate series for different types of materials. All of these series are discussed either below or in one of the other pages devoted to Bulgarian resources. For brief summaries of the history and development of bibliography in Bulgaria see Hristo Trenkov's 'Bulgarian bibliography,' Slavonic and East European Review, Dec 1968, pp.259-277 and 's 'Bulgarska bibliografiia,' in Sbornik v chest na akademik Nikola V.

Mikhov po sluchai osemdesetgodishninata mu, Sofiia, 1959, pp.99-110. Another item of interest is Tsenko Tsvetanov's Materiali po istoriia na bulgarskata bibliografiia do osvobozhdenieto which discusses the earliest developments in Bulgarian bibliography. [UIUC Call Number: Bulgarian Reference 010.9 T78m]. Bibliographies Opis na starite pechatni bulgarski knigi (1802-1877 g.). Pogorelov, Valerii. Sofiia: Durzhavna pechatnitsa, 1923. UIUC Call Number: Bulgarian Reference + Main Stacks 015.497 P75o Although most of the over 1600 items covered in this bibliography are presented in other retrospective bibliographies of pre-1878 Bulgarian books (some are discussed below), this work is included here because of the kind of information given in the entries.

Not only is there bibliographic data, but often there is also contents with page number and sometimes even excerpts from the text. The entries are arranged chronologically with indexes for authors and anonymous works.

In fact, the chronological arrangement is one of the reasons the compiler created this bibliography. The other important bibliographies that handle material from this time period are arranged by main entry. With the chronological arrangement one can more easily trace the development of Bulgarian publishing and scholarly activity. There is also a union listing component showing which libraries hold which title. The abbreviations are explained in the preface. Note that the bibliography is printed in the older Bulgarian alphabet.

An update to this bibliography by Charles Jelavich appeared in the Library of Congress's Quarterly journal of current acquisitions v.14, 1957, pp.77-94. See the entry below for an item published in 1859. Bulgarska vuzrozhdenska knizhnina. Analitichen repertoar na bulgarskite knigi i periodichni izdaniia 1806-1878. Sofiia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1957-59. UIUC Call Number: Bulgarian Reference 015.497 So23b V.1-2 This two volume set represents an enormous compilation of over 20,000 articles and books published in Bulgaria from 1806-1878. It also has a special section devoted to the bibliographic description of periodicals which contains more than the typical information given in periodical bibliographies.

For instance, they list the character of the title, the major figures that worked on the title, a cited statement of the title's program or intent, and a description of the contents. Citations for books and articles merely give the bibliographic citations, but the section on books also provides brief biographies of the authors before the works are listed. Books and periodicals appear in the first volume and articles are in the second volume. Books and periodicals are arranged alphabetically by author and date of first publication respectively. Articles are arranged by subject.

There are many indexes in both volumes such as ones for subjects, names, publishers, printers, places. A chronological list of publications gives a further type of access to the contents of this bibliography. Other features include lists of anonymous works, maps, works by foreign writers that were published in Bulgarian, and a section on subscription data. The second volume also has a chronological letopis of periodical titles. See the image on the right for the beginning of the list of works by Ivan Stepanovich Ivanov.