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In general, you will be looking for a USB cable in order to access your phone or tablet from a computer. Now you can perform this function without a USB cable using AirDroid App, that allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from a Windows computer or a Mac, wirelessly and for free. Camfrog pro free download for ios. AirDroid App Review AirDroid app is available both in free and premium versions. In this article we will be going over the key features of both free and premium versions of AirDroid app.

This should allow you to go for the premium version in case you find the premium features more useful. AirDroid Free Version The best part about AirDroid app is that it is available in a free version with decent features. SMS: You can send and receive SMS messages from a computer using the services of your Android Phone’s carrier. This means that you will be able to type faster and compose better messages using the full sized keyboard of your computer. Transfer Files & Media: AirDroid allows you to move pictures, videos, and file from your Android phone or tablet to a computer, without using a USB cable. Find Your Phone: If you ever lose your Android device then you can easily locate and track the device.

Also, you can transfer all your files and data on your device to a computer and delete the data on your missing Android Phone. App Management: Shows a list of installed apps that you can delete from your device or download the apps to your computer. Users can also search for and install new apps using this feature. Camera + Screenshots: This feature allows you to see through your Phone’s rear or the front camera.

You can also take screenshots of your Android device from your computer. AirDroid Premium Version The premium version of AirDroid is available in three options: $1.99 a month, $19.99 a year or $38.99 for 2 years. The premium version of the app comes with more features compared to the free version. Unlimited File Transfers: No limit on the number of wireless file transfers. Intruders Caught: Allows you to take photos of anyone who is trying to unlock your device. Larger file transfers: Allows you to transfer files up to 1 GB in size to a Windows or Mac computer.

Remote Camera: This option allows you see from the lens of your device’s camera. More devices: Users can connect up to 6 devices all to the same account.

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