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Full text of ' TBI MM JUIVIMIUOW Of WtkUL OQSBQN •. • is tin recreation of Alex Raymond's c lassie MimM fietloB adv«ntur* epic for television..

Ha will rsllvw tta aselting uqplolts of Plash Gordoa, Dala Arden and Doctor Zazkor as tiiay brave the dangers of tha fantastic planat Mongo.. Advanturas tbat will taka tham txom tha ioa world of rrigia.. Ths naterwatttc fcitngidaii of Coralla.. Tha foirast empire of Arboria.. The Sky City of the Hawkmen.. Across the Unexplored Continent.. And the daagaKoos jtragles of TzopiM.

To ths fntnrlstte wonders of Mingo City.. FLASH OtWpOB will be ^io space adventure at its ultimate. Ekologya 11 klas carik praktichn roboti gdz onlajn 1. Luis cheskin pochemu lyudi pokupayut fb2 para.

Kodi Aktivacii Igr Net Lizard

A word aboat the 'spixlt' of our seriM. Though It wasn't tslw Cixst nor the last, when aficlandOB talk About the ClMiiA Science Fantasy Adventvire conic 'MalrXp, it 1« elaMor tto« MBit ilm B^pnal'if 'riASH GORDON.' In the ten years (beginning in 1934) that Rayaood produced tfae Sunday strip « it becam tbe stiutdard by irtileh all otlwr afferta in tha qmntm wMra jttdgfad. 'THE NEW ADVENTaRES OF FLASB GORDON' will recreate £or tha taiavision screen Flash's classic encounters on the ^iMMt Moave tltam am eama^ iHa* aaetM nill ba is the classic tradition that Raymond pioneered — in both art and story.

Our initial twenty-four episodes will b« oSiaptatai ta a eonctitiiBiav quiit: as Hash and his OBSganions seek to unravel the aystaxias of this fantastic world. Tha aoyhaata will ba pa a^yfntnaa. Wa mat to transport oaac Visiw u r i iMo'a tiiMilsss laafllwa^ps o£.daring deeda, iaorsdibla daagars* woadaxoas vistas. Cm tiM following pages you will read thumbnail biPS ttE oinr mi^ae «Siar«tftwrSr dMe»i^(dPBs «f 1101190 *» ttraaga continents, and a brief synopsis of the maia. JljSftilll* '~ but the main ingredient of our series c2uuiOt te S«t dom ia tha aactianioil dateniia- e£ a Mritars* Goida. Alex Raymond took tha paper, pen emd ink, and colora availibla to anyone elaa and created a masterpiece of fiiigiitstfAaa.

Di-vaa the tooSiS oi airfaa'teion rad tsiaarnlng trtw aavar wants to stop laaming naw thing*. Ba is not a 'mad aoiantist' ttaeagb ha can, at tlMa, be considered eccentric. Although older than Flash and Dale, ha la not really a 'father figure' — rather, eoasidar hia a Dnteh oaelo.

His only fault is a tendency to became more Involved in the logic of the problem, that he forgets the mora isnadiata daagars that are prasant. Ming tha Marclless is Hitler, Gengis Khan and Fu Man Chtt la om brilliantly warped package of abaolute evil. K 9«niiia wbo mold b* wuptmm diot«tSBt of Moago — and perhaps the universe — if Lb had aot bMU tOK the b«rolc efforts of Flash Gordon. Xn our ssriM, Miag rules from his throne in Mingo City — and bis tyranny stretches to the nost seoote regions of Kongo. XX hm iM not directly in ouz storiMr bis «vil presence «U4 ta Celt mm an aadteXyiag - cluua e iMt. ^ ofteitt dzsMiag naab wad his roiHintoiia into daagweeos •tnl^.

VietaKsi tt^agi ■Odh larii(«r than life and far mora daadly tbem any villain or monster that Mongo has to offer. Ha is utterly ruthless in his desires end the perfect oaMlaia Cok Vlaali CMscttoB* PRIMC8 SARIN is the rightful heir to the throne of Mon?o, bat tb* osiirper, Ming The Merciless, has decreed him an oatlm with a price upon his bead. But Prince Sarin is tu/Sm stMl-^ajeaBingtii aaA «ria 4tt«aiiattida, «aA will ittM nqfttiaffr itiag** naetiti, oe «vhi tite atSaiBtioas tiM Mona h* lovwr to xagaJLa his tbzoM. H« Iovm Anni# tUnq'm dm^tmr, with all Ills haart and seal, and aothiog weald ■ait hi* battar tbaa to owka har his aapraaa. Sriaoa Barin and riaah uMt, at £irat, as daadly anandaa and asoh rivals - tade Jknea la Isflatnatisd #itt tfaa dashing Sasttaauu Bat* dnidaty tSim tarxlbla bloodbatii of tfaa leamaMitt of oaa«h# la whidi Vlasli aad Basia aza tiwead te «aataad» first aa eonpaaions, and, finaUy, In a daathmatch from which onl?

Ona can «urge alive, they save each other's life - and when the blood of their wounds conmingles, they become blood-brothers under the ancient laws of Mongo. It is Prince Baric who first understands Flash's deteraination to establish human rights and freedom for all people on Mongo - a plane-t where y.mc The Merciless bas' long pitted race agaiast raea in deadly strife.

And it is Barla lAo tbreM bia toaaas late tiM baetla. Swead bgr tba osoxparr 11199* eotlamgrf Krlaaa Ba^a has - 1:0m Vam JterX of beeftsaly (or Boatlagden) of Bartb. - bsccsw a Rdbla Bood, strlkiag baefc at tba tyraat «fhe rolas by robing tba rieb and ■oppertiag tba poor.