Karta Rossii Shp

Russian Federation The OpenStreetMap data files provided on this server do not contain the user names, user IDs and changeset IDs of the OSM objects. These metadata fields contain personal information about the OpenStreetMap contributors and are subject to data protection regulations in the European Union. Please note that these regulations apply even to processing that happens outside the European Union because some OpenStreetMap contributors live in the European Union.

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Are available to OpenStreetMap contributors only. Note Russia is listed under both Asia and Europe. The file contains all of Russia. See for further and more fine-grained Russia downloads. Please note that the inclusion of Crimea does not constitute a political statement; we have included Crimea in both the Russia and the Ukraine downloads. Commonly Used Formats • suitable for Osmium, Osmosis, imposm, osm2pgsql, mkgmap, and others. This file was last modified 20 hours ago and contains all OSM data up to 2019-03-09T21:15:02Z.

File size: 2.3 GB; MD5 sum:. • russia-latest-free.shp.zip is not available for this region; try one of the sub-regions. Other Formats and Auxiliary Files • yields OSM XML when decompressed; use for programs that cannot process the.pbf format.

This file was last modified 2 days ago. File size: 4.1 GB; MD5 sum:. • russia-internal.osh.pbf The history file contains personal data and is available on the only. Dell servers.

See notice above for further information. • that describes the extent of this region.

• that contain all changes in this region, suitable e.g. For Osmosis updates • allowing you to see and download older files. File date size 2018-05-07 6-05-07 13:-05-07 5-05-07 12:-05-07 0-05-07 09:-12-01 6-12-01 23:-01-01 4-01-01 23:-02-01 4-02-01 23:-03-01 8-03-01 23:-03-06 8-03-06 23:-03-08 0-03-08 07:-03-07 3-03-07 23:-03-08 8-03-09 00:-03-09 2-03-09 23:-03-08 0-03-08 07:-03-09 2-03-09 23:-03-10 2019-03-09 9 2019-03-09 0 Sub Regions Click on the region name to see the overview page for that region, or select one of the file extension links for quick access.

Sub Region Quick Links.osm.pbf.shp.zip.osm.bz2 (528 MB) (27.9 MB) (202 MB) (68 MB) (366 MB) (297 MB) (178 MB) (261 MB) (400 MB) Special Sub Regions These regions are 'special' because they are outside of the usual administrative hierarchies and may duplicate data already contained in the other sub regions. Sub Region Quick Links.osm.pbf.shp.zip.osm.bz2 (10.0 MB).