Kaaloo Tilekter Mugalimge

Sep 27, 2012  EL's highly anticipated video for Kaalu is an infusion of Japanese and Chinese culture with Ghanaian Azonto music. This video has cameos from Adwoa Smart.

KoAloha is regarded here in Hawaii and all around the world as one of the premier ukulele builders. Their ukes have a unique tone that is vibrant and wonderful for many styles.

You can hear this sound in professional players like Herb Ohta Jr., Daniel Ho, Raiatea Helm, and other great players. The Okami family and a team of great craftsmen make these amazing ukes right here on our island of Oahu. They are creative in design and with beautiful koa wood. Boxford cad cam design tools serial. They also have a beautiful voice with power and clarity.

Check out these models and see why KoAloha is one of the most popular Hawaiian Ukulele companies.