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May 10, 2013  The freshest romantic hit of the year 2013 'Jeene Laga Hoon' featuring #GirishKumar & #ShrutiHaasan with the magical voices of #AtifAslam & Shreya Ghoshal.

Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Whole Songs Life and Musical Career Information: When a singer with both of good singing skill and perfect voice, then people must go to accepting him. Atif Aslam is such a singer, who have both of them. Automation studio 6 full free download. At the very early time of his career, he was passionate about cricket. Life took a U-turn and not he is one of the most demanding singers in the whole universe. Origin of the singer is from Pakistan. Basic comes from the Pakistani Sufi and kawal songs. More than Hundreds of Atif Aslam hit songs are available everywhere.

Besides the singing, he has acted on movie and modeling for several brands also. This is the time of defining the person’s biography, musical journey and other information here.

Atif Aslam Songs Life and Biography In a Short View: Real Name: Muhammad Atif Aslam. Native Name: محمد عاطف اسلم Date Of Birth: 12 March 1983. Age: 34 years (as in 2018). Birthplace: Wazirabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Profession: Singer, Songwriter & Actor.

Style: Pop, Rock, Sufi, Filmi. Debut Song: Aadat (2004). Started Work: 2004 – Present. Also Social Media Follow Us:,,,,, According to the birth, he was a Pakistani. His family was Muslim and he was growing up in Lahore. Atif Aslam songs download generation and his genesis if comes from this country. At the time of 1983, he was born there.

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His father name is Muhammad Aslam. His mother name is Rehana Shaheen. At the time of childhood, he gets a lot of freedom. He was a student of the kindergarten school in Lahore. And later he moves the place and was admitted to St. Paul’s Cambridge School.

And finally, he completes his computer science. But he was badly passionate about cricket and have a love for music. When he was the student he was going for a meet with well-known Pakistani music composer Goher Mumtaz.

At that time there were not Atif Aslam songs mp3 in the market. But before that, he and his friends performed at their school, college program. Even they love to do commercial shows in several places like club, party. That was the beginning time when they did open the band Jal. When they visit Mumtaz, he blessed them with a thing that, the band will be one of a great band in Asia. Even he become loved with Atif voice and he knows one-day peoples demand will be Download Atif Aslam songs video from an internet source. In his fan base, there are a lot of female fans and they are crazy for him.

On personal life, he was not too much serious about an affair without marriage. At the time of 2013, he was broke a lot of girl’s heart and getting married to Sara Bharwana. Atif Aslam Mp3 Songs and Musical Career Explanation: At the beginning time, he was doing a lot of stage show, club, and college program.

Even he was going to participate in the reality competition. In his university life, he was busy with his band and that was a dreaming portion of his life. His band moving popular soon. He did not go any institute to learn music. From the early time, their passion helps to teach them music. Just because they are passionate they were to a senior musician to get musical knowledge. At the time of 2003, they were become agree to make a musical album what made the craze to Atif Aslam mp3 songs download.