Ipartition Serial 34

You have a power-pc G4 Mac? And had OS X 10.9 installed on a partition?? More likely, you had OS X 10.3.9 in a PPC G4, and saved that on partition.

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Anyway, I've owned utilities from third-party vender that could remove partitions and not destroy the content of the desired one. I never removed them in Tiger. A few times I totally wiped, secure erased (overwrite zeros) & reformatted. And usually save whole complete systems as clones, to boot-capable external hard disk drives, of the kind with their own power supply and oxford chipsets. And then 're-cloned' the complete backup clone -- test bootability before wiping. With older system software, most had to be completely wiped of content in order to remove the partition scheme, and start over. A secure erase could also be used in conjunction with 'repair hard disk' to attempt to clear any issues or bad sectors from a hard disk drive.

Or use third-party utilities. Be wary of disk utilities that won't work on PPC mac or in systems newer than Tiger. The Disk Utility should tell you the options available to you. Some tools work only from the booted DVD installer.

Mostly it lets you partition or resize a partition, not remove one. Not without erasure, and in some cases, reformatting.

How small is the hard disk drive you are talking about? Is this still in an iMac G4? I have three. Good luck & happy computing! Okay, my question was a little vague. My fault.😕 Here's what I did (or how I remember it), It's an imac PPC G4 800mghz 80gig HD that had Panther on it when I got it. I bought Tiger and did a full install with a partition of 10gig, then installed Classic OS9 on the partition.

The reason for doing that was so I could use some of the Classic apps that I liked and have a little HD space in case I found some old Classic apps in the future. This was a few years ago and honestly in the last 2 or 3 years I've not even looked at anything on the partition and I really like to get rid of it. Download habil plus serial. I'd like to do it without having to totally reformat the whole drive. I could back everything up, install the Tiger disk and start over, but I was just curious if I could avoid that and delete it?🙂.

Well, from other posts and my own experience going back to some ancient days of pre-OS X, (Mac 6.0, though I did use Mac 1.0 in demo on then-new retail displayed Mac) I'd venture to say you would have to erase or wipe out the entire hard disk drive contents in order to completely remove partitions and format mapping, then reformat the drive to HFS+ and reinstall. Or, if not in a rush, look for a suitable externally enclosed FW400 oxford-chipped hard disk drive and then learn how (trial and error, without erasing the iMac G4's internal drive) to make a bootable OS X system clone. An external hard disk drive would allow for more storage, and if it were 500GB, a partition on there for a backup clone of your computer, in residence, would make all kinds of sense. Example: Especially if you occasionally replaced the old clone with a new copy. And then if you do any maintenance to the computer's internal drive, or have to replace the iMac's HDD, you have a bootable complete clone of everything in the Mac, as backup. This clone would run from the self-powered externally enclosed hard disk drive. Though I have not done business with them, you can see some good storage options and enclosures at the OWC web site under 'storage' and mercury enclosures can be bought with a hard disk drive inside.

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