Intel Play Qx3 Microscope Software Download Windows 7

Input Device Windows XP INTEL 89.36MB 4/23/2012 1.0 Safe Intel Play QX3 microscope is no longer being manufactured by Intel, but the drivers are still available using the most common driver scanners or by downloading it from Intel directly. It has been discontinued in March 2002 as a matter of fact and stopped product support as well. Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 are not supported, i.e. You will need Windows XP to be able to use this device properly. Having said that, Digital Blue, a privately owned company have bought the technology and could be supporting their users.

To visit their website. Ideally you should use a USB connection to activate your Intel Play QX3 microscope. The QX3 body can be removed and used as hand video microscope, which is really handy especially with small kids. In this situation there is incident light in the center of the QX3 body glow. Play with the Intel QX3 microscope images are recorded in the collection album for later viewing, editing and saved file conversion, set, etc. On the side of the programs, you can review, print, import, export, or images. Printing options are limited, but the images are simple to others, several programs start exporting. After the image has been selected from the collection, it can be edited or simply saved on your computer.


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Using the proper software for the Intel Play QX3 device is really easy and potentially even a learning experience for children. Easy operation of the lighting and saving images are his strengths. Time lapse photography is a particular feature is desirable. My only reservation is the quality of the rule. It does not apply to the use of a fine, and focus on the movement of mechanical stage would have been good additions. In general, I was very impressed that the microscope is easily available on the market and that for its price there are very few others worth considering.