Innova 3140 Software Update

We review the Equus 3140 Innova Diagnostic OBDII Code Scanner in great. A connection to the internet which lets you update the device software on the go. Baza dannih kinoteatr access.

INNOVA 3140 Reviews I've been working on cars a while now and I've used a few of these type of code readers/scanners (Snap-on and Mac) and I've found that this one does almost everything you would expect a pro model to do and a price that can't be beat. Shows everything you really need to know, the screen is very large and easy to read, the button layout is good, but can be confusing at first, there should have been an extra button or two as some of the controls do double or triple duty, you have to read the manual and have it on hand until you get used to the controls. I've used it right away to diagnose a problem in my late model truck and have plugged it in to a number of makes and models with great success.

It's results are almost as detailed as say the Snap-on, but it costs 1/10 the price! The included software is nice, but not as full featured as it should be in saving data results. I highly recommend doing a firmware update to the unit, mine shipped with firmware 1.0 and the new firmware v2 adds some extra diagnostic functions, such as advanced DTC codes for some makes and updates the DTC code library in the unit, the unit seemed to read live data faster as well. Being able to read OBD I codes is a plus, but there are many limitations on the makes and models, a glaring omission is the lack of Nissan OBD I (Just because I own a older Nissan!). I do all my own repairs and would highly recommend this unit.

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The unit comes with two nylon cases, one for the unit, OBD II cable, manual and the other for pc serial cable and OBD I adapters and the cases zip together for easy transport. I do have one big complaint, this is 2007, who uses serial connectors anymore? My laptop does not even have one, I have to go out and buy a serial to USB2.0 adapter, it works well and the unit synced fine with my laptop with the adapter, but you would figure that they would have put the serial connector to rest by now. Innova 3140 pro innova 3140 diagnostic code scanner innova 3140 manual innova 3140 b innova 3140 review innova 3140 firmware update equus 3140 scanner innova scan tool INNOVA 3140 Reviews.

Innova 3140 Software Update

Equus Innova 3140: Marketed as user-friendly and affordable, the Innova 3140 provides diagnostic data for a wide range of vehicles, both imported and domestic. The variety of new OBD II scan tools offered by different companies gives technicians the power to choose a tool that is specific to his or her needs. They have the potential to drastically improve technicians' time and efficiency because they can provide more reliable information faster than was available in the past. Using them should be one of their Best Practices. Here are some new products on the market. Equus Products Inc.

Offers the Innova 3140 Scan Tool CanOBD2 & 1 Kit, its latest tool. The tool provides quick and easy access to diagnostic data for all 1996 and later vehicle models.

Data can be accessed in 15 seconds, and the tool's all-in-one screen can show more than 25 pieces of information at a time. The tool also has LEDs to show passing or failure on emissions tests.

The kit has a 'plug and play' interface; color-coded System Status LEDs that show quick emissions readiness status; and a continuous link for performing drive cycles to verify repairs. It also shows valuable SAE-enhanced live and freeze-frame data, and lets the user not only record and playback live data streams but also perform bi-directional testing. It has complete coverage from 'mode 1' to 'mode 9,' according to the company. The tool also includes more than $100 in value-add-ons, including a durable nylon storage pouch, PC link cable and CD with OBD-PC Link Shopsoftware. The included software lets you download, save, print and e-mail additional information from the tool, including trouble codes, monitor status and freeze frame data. Its free 'shop in a box' feature also lets you generate reports that can be customized to include your customer's complaint; technician's evaluation and diagnosis; and parts, labor times and related TSBs for repair. It is also 'flash updateable' via standard Windows PC and included OBD-PC Link software.

Bosch Diagnostics' line of professional scan tools are designed to work on all cars, from European to Asian to domestic. Some of its latest diagnostic tools include the MTS 3100 Mastertech, the KTS 200 and the new tool being launched, the Mastertech VCI, according to Jason Alexander, a company spokesman. The Mastertech VCI is wireless. It is plugged into the electronic control unit (ECU) and wirelessly communicates with a PC. This tool was created to work with the new protocol that is being installed in 2008 and later vehicles. Up until this point, a technician could really only do one thing at a time on a vehicle.