How To Install Rens Beauty Pack Oblivion

The Install Order. The ONLY way to cleanly uninstall mods with overlapping files with the other installation methods is to uninstall every mod that shares that file, or reinstall one of those overlapping mods. >> Note: Detailed Terrain contains shaders. Only use OBMM to install at least that part of the mod. May 15, 2007 - posted in Oblivion Mod Talk: I have seen that many guys have this mod. So then i downloaded it but i can't install it cus the files is.7z wtf is.

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To add a spoiler tag use this code in your comments: [Spoiler label](#s 'Spoiler goes here'). Banner by, Mehrunes Dagon snoo by too, Older Gray Fox snoo by, thanks!. Hail Citizen! Please subscribe and read our sidebar before you post! Hi there, first time posting here. So I ran into a couple of texture problems while running OCO v2: • The face textures do change to the modded ones, however, the bodies do not.

This is more evidently seen in the Mer races, and more prominent in orcs. • The Khajiit have clipping and animation problems with their teeth.

I've searched far and wide for a solution and tried many things to correct this issues, including changing load order, reinstalling, downloading the Seamless for OCO mod and deactivating other mods to no avail. While I am also using Ren's Beauty Pack and Exnem's eyecandy, they do not seem to affect OCO, since whether or no they are active, the problems persist. Also I downloaded Exnem's after installing OCO and first noticing the problem. Other texture mods that I have currently running are Better Cities, Mannimarco Reborn (only listing this since it kinda messes the character creation screen) and Natural Environments, which I highly doubt they interfere with the character models. I also have all the Unofficial Patches installed.