How To Change The Language In Nfs Underground 1

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Oct 17, 2010. Oct 18, 2010 #1. Hello, how do i change the language from thailand to english on nfsu2 pc game.

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What I've found is that language changes for many reasons: a) The people, over time, added vocabulary to the current language as advances were made in science, technology and industry, and applied the new words and forms of the new words to everyday life. B) Different peoples influenced the oth er's language, whether through peacetime and trading, or war and parley negotiations. C) Various words are forgotten or became obsolete, which was usually accompanied by rapid changes or advances in society (such as when one part of the world conquers another part of the world). D) Sometimes a language becomes influencial in a culture following colonization, as in The US and in India for example. English became the dominant (until now) language in the US, and a major language in India.

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