Harris Unity Radio Programming Software

Programming Software, Programming Cables, Service Manuals for Harris Radios. Home; Low $ Guarantee. SOFTWARE, RADIO PROGRAMMING PACKAGE Harris Radio Personality Manager, Programmer and Device Manager Basic For All Harris Radios. USB Programming Cable for Unity XG-100P Portable Multiband Radio. Product ID: XPCJ3A. SKU: PRXPPCHAUS.

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Harris Unity Radio Programming Software

Follow us on Twitter @laythrom In this video we are going to walk you through the basic frequency programming of the TRI (Triumph Instruments) AN/PRC-152 (UV) radio transceiver. This video is not a replacement for the manual that comes with the radio, but it's a basic walk through designed to help owners of the TRI AN/PRC-152 UV & TRI AN/PRC-152 UV APRS who are new to the radio and wish to start using it. The manual that is included with the radio is useful, but is translated and can be hard to understand/confusing. Hopefully, this video can alleviate some of the confusion. According to some people on the forums and some of our research, this radio basically has the same chipset as the Baojie BJUV-88 radio.

Review of the radio to come in the near future. Radio Specifications are listed below: AN/PRC152 Multiband Radio (TRI) Working Bands: FM: 87-108 MHz (receiver) VHF: 136-174.995 MHz (receiver / transmitter) UHF0: 350-390.995 MHz UHF1:400-470.995 MHz (receiver / transmitter) UHF2:480-520.995 MHz (receiver) Memory Channels: 128 channels Power Output: 1 Watt / 5 Watt Transmitting Current: 0.7A / 1.0A / 1.5A Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for any misuse of radio transceiver/transmission by any viewers. Please abide by FCC restrictions and regulations. Video is Copyright 2014, Laythrom Media, All Rights Reserved. Video cannot be used without the written consent of the owner.