Gotovij Server La2 Hf

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If you see this message, your web browser doesn't support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings so can function correctly. Pros: I love these things, was shopping for another, and thought I'd give update review. Fantastic for home/small office storage. Inexpensive, easy to configure, reliable, fast.

Superior option for small network vs. Using regular desktop machine as file server -- especially if you don't know much about network stuff and want something that simply works. Have been saved several times by both the RAID1 redundancy and the backup (to USB drive) having worked as expected. Cons: 1) I had one drive fail after 6 months.

Buffalo was prompt in sending a new one. There was no data lost and no interruption in usage since it was set to mirror (RAID1) and the other drive kept running. The big bang theory season 4. 2) very slow file transfer when actively running a scan or rebuilding the RAID on a newly installed drive. 3) documentation is poor (lacks detail). Other Thoughts: Report on the file transfer speed: I just moved 321 files totaling 102,730,238,810 bytes from the Buffalo unit to my local machine. It took 1282 seconds, or 80 MB per second, from the first read to the last write (i.e., start to finish). Transfer from local to Buffalo is slower -- seems like ~55MB/s.

(wire connection and gigabit router). Pros: Nice smaller unit. Has compatibility with both Windows and Apple networks. Capable of Raid 0 or Raid 1.

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Gotovij Server La2 Hf

Has additional features for various media storage and access. Cons: Not good for large networks. Found out after purchasing it that it will only import the first 1000 users or groups from Active Directory.

Also, share permissions can only be changed through the web interface. Other Thoughts: Good unit for small business or home use, however it is not good for large networks even though it is supposed to be Active Directory compatible. Had to read through a lot of notes in the user manual to find out all the limitations it has that would have affected my purchasing decision had I known sooner. Pros: I've been using Buffalo's 1TB linkstation (LS-W1.0TGL/R1 - V3) for 3 years now and it has been solid, which is why I stuck with Buffalo. I use this 4TB model mainly as a media server and for manual backups on a home gigabit network, setup as Raid 1. This unit is smaller than the previous models and the UI is more responsive.

So far I'm pretty happy with it. As far as user account access, in my opinion has greatly improved over previous models. It's easier to control and seems to actually work.

Has a built in MySQL server. I wasn't aware of that when I bought it, but it's a handy feature for me. Cons: The older model had USB to connect an external HDD, but access was so incredibly slow it was useless. I don't have much need for that anymore but hopefully it's improved on this model. Other Thoughts: Copying large files from an SSD, I get around 400Mb/s using a gigabit router with cat 6 cabling. (no jumbo frame) I haven't used web access so I can't comment on that. Older model used Hitachi drives, this one uses Seagate.

Thanks for the review, the USB port can be slow if you drag and drop your files manually from your PC. If you attach a USB drive to the back of the unit and drag drop the file to the LinkStation then the file will transfer from the USB drive, to the LinkStation, to your PC, then back to the LinkStation.