Genealogicheskoe Drevo Shablon Dlya Zapolneniya V Vorde

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Possible Anatomy of Fraud and Conspiracy to Divert Funds and Cover-up of Same Documents can be tiresome to read but very revealing. Eye witnesses may be and often are in error even for purely innocent and human reasons. But documents, with accurate—even modified—dates can be very revealing because they were not written with the future and how they may be used against someone in mind.

A person may be incorrect about having seen a particular person at a particular compromising place and time; but say a gas receipt with a particular signature, date, time and place may be sufficient to establish that person’s presence or non-presence at a particular time and place in question. Consider the following scenario and perhaps apply it to the situation revealed in these documents. Suppose a person, or say a Tribal Council, of one reservation and Tribe, is increasingly under threat of exposure of past diversions and short-falls of funds and failures to pay off previous loans. Suppose that person or Tribal Council, following failures to obtain forgiveness and/or rescheduling of past loans and interest, contacts another person, or say a Tribal Council of another reservation and Tribe qualified for funding, and asks that person or Tribal Council to use their own status and eligibility for funds, grants not loans, to obtain those funds, and then divert them to another person or Tribal Council not named in or eligible for, those funds being diverted. That would involve several possible crimes: Fraud; Conspiracy to Defraud; Filing a False Report; etc.

Further, the person or Tribal Council applying for the funding to divert to another, that the other is not entitled to or eligible for, in doing so, is also depriving himself or his Tribe of present and possible future funds, and eligibility for those funds, necessary to deal with their own situations. This would involve not only the crime of Misprision of a Felony in failure to report attempts to criminally solicit fraudulent applications for grants to be diverted for uses and persons not mentioned in the original application for grant funds, but would also involve complicity in Conspiracy to Defraud as well as other crimes by the persons or Tribal Councils applying for funds that they know and have covertly agreed, will be diverted away from the uses and purposes specified in their grant application to uses and persons not named or eligible for those funds. Please read these documents carefully and please note the dates and sequences of time between the various documents. This is only the tip of a much larger iceberg of serial corruption and genocide. Corruption begets only more of the same as each participant can take down the others if compromised. Good evening relations.

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