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I'd run into this dilemma too when I worked for them. You have some idiots who just want to charge customers for dumb stuff, but I suppose at the end of the day our job is to make money, but I think it would be a fair compromise to refund the 100$ since the diagnostic is supposed to cover hardware tests and a virus scan and instead charge them a 30$ software install fee or something.

Particularly if after plugging in the mouse no further diagnostic was covered, because that diagnostic is supposed to cover actual tests. This entire pc came out to the shop with mouse, was not resolved and sent home with the customer and then a service call was setup? Or he customer called and had problems that they couldn't solve over the phone so a tech was dispatched? Free ringtone download aashiqui 2 instrumental. These are very different situations. If it came into the shop there is no excuse for missing such an obvious problem.

If it was a call in there is room from this to be reasonable. It's a rookie mistake to miss the 'is it plugged in' question, but the user could have said yes OR been just like ' I don't want to deal with this shit, just send a tech out, I'll pay for it' • • • • •. My understanding, and I could've misinterpreted, was that the customer brought the PC and mouse to Best Buy. The counter reps looked at it, and said it needs to be looked at by a tech and charged the $100. The PC was then left at Best Buy for the customer to pick up a few days later after the tech (OP) looked at the computer and plugged in the mouse. If it was entirely over the phone, then of course, $100 is completely justified even if it was just to dispatch a tech. A 'phone tech' shouldn't be expected to realize that a mouse isn't plugged in without seeing it.

Completely opposite from a counter rep face to face. This happened to me when I worked there years ago (during my HS days). I was a sales guy in their mp3/pc area, and applied for the opening geek squad (just for the wage bump). The position (entry) was given to another sales guy who had been eyeballing that spot for months, he also had been there way longer than I had. I definitely felt gutted because he had no experience whereas I had my A+ Cert, and was told I was qualified for the position; I didn't take it personal but I definitely learned a thing or two about life from that experience. In my store they hired like 3 people without even consulting the DCI (geeksquad supervisor) of which, one was a repair agent who was retarded. As a little story, there were 3 of us working as repair agents, and he was left alone one day and tried plugging in an external HDD to our machine we use for data backups but it didn't work.