Free Waves Renaissance Maxx Native Bundle Download 2016 And Software

Renaissance Maxx delivers the warmth of vintage gear with the precision control of the digital domain. This is the classic Waves sound-heard on countless hit records and major motion pictures worldwide.

The Waves Renaissance Maxx bundle comes with a good selection of 10 EQs, reverbs and compressors. Aswell there are some extraordinary VST tools for bass boost and tuning. The new Waves Central (v9) works with Windows 7 and above. Even those plugins exist since years, the actual product version is made for the latest operating systems, so downgrades to Windows XP and the former iLok support are already discontinued.

After the rendering process with Adobe Premiere the crispyness from the new plugins got lost, but at least the dynamic range is still remarkable. Hope you like the video! Please subscribe! Read the complete review.

Waves Shells Plug-Ins not working in Sonar 8.5 Any way I could get some help on getting the Waves Platinum Native Bundle of Plug-ins to work inside of Sonar 8.5? Any help would be appreciated. I am one of the unfortunate people who actually got suckered into paying the $1800 for the Waves Platinum Native bundle of plug-ins (along with the $170 per year for support), thinking that they must be that much better.

Well, they are pretty good, but not that much better than the free Plug-ins offered by Cakewalk, Sony and a couple other publishers. Well, apparently Waves did not put my $170 annual support fees to use and just took the money. They are really upset about all the pirating of their goodies, so they take it out on the paid iLok Users like me by charging high prices and providing below market support for the products - other than new methods of copy protection. If they wanted to be a copy and security company, then they should have just gone and done that and left the sound processing to the musicians. Regardless, they were not able to pull off what the FREE plug-ins do, and that is to actually work with Sonar 8.5.

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The Plug-in Manager for Sonar 8.5 (and maybe earlier versions) cannot locate the Waves Shells.dll file in the Plug-in folder. None of the Waves Plug-ins work consequently with Sonar 8.5 Now I have read the forums, in part. The Options/Global X-ray On and Off change does not fix this. Rescanning the Plug-ins does not fix this.

De-installing Internet Explorer 8 does not fix this. Closing the Plug-in GUI Box and then reopening the same Plug-in does not make them work.

I have a DELL x7, but the Waves Platinum Plug-ins work fine with SoundForge 9.0 so it is not an i-thread processor 45nm processor issue. I have the latest Waves V6 Platinum 6.0.7 Bundle update. For those who want to go down those roads, thanks for the help, but these things do not fix this. So, my long winded diatribe on requesting help so that I do not feel that I threw $2,100 out the window with Waves. I'm sorry that it doesn't work for you! =) I don't know, I don't use Waves in my studio, nerver liked Waves and still not in 64bit either so. There so many other 3part manufacturies that are so much better then WAVES.

Free Waves Renaissance Maxx Native Bundle Download 2016 And Software

WAVES are just a $$$$ overpriced dinosaur, that release old XP32bit plugs. Many seem to get fooled on it too, like Pro Tools? Higher price =better product! I bet if SONAR 8.5.1 had cost $20000, all people at Gearslutz had finally agreed that it is the best DAW on the Market! I mean, you see that on the price tag, right! Here is some other 3 part manufacturies, that runover Waves, and back it up, and runover twice: Voxengo *64bit, Wavearts *64bit, UAD *64bit, Nomad Factory (BlueTube-series, they say it work inside 8.5.1 now?) just to mention few.

Hey gents, pardon my upset over this $2,300 WAVES ripoff. (Oh, and there 'are no refunds') Sadly, I downloaded the Shell VST 2.0 program and it does not recognize the Waves Shells-VST 6.0.7 nor does it recongnize the.dll standard which Waves has apparently used with their new release. Neither does Sonar. 3d max gotovie sceni eksterjer. I do not think that it is Sonar 8.5 becuase every other VST.dll file I have which worked with earlier verison of Sonar, all work fine with S 8.5 I even copied the.dll files out of the Waves VST directory and pasted them into the working.dll directory where all my FUNCTIONAL and CHEAPER VST Plug-ins are doing FINE.

And the cheap plug-ins pulled off compatibility with Sonar - without having to charge $170 a year in support fees. Waves retorts that they 'have not tested Waves products with Windows Vista Home.' Geez, how long has Vista been out now???? Windows 7.0 comes out in 30 days.