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Alex's son shuttled us to the top of Mt. Wilson, near the Observatory. We started our ride at Eaton Saddle and rode Mt Lowe Rd to Sam Merrell Trail. This is where I got my first flat. The puncture was too big for the Stan's to seal up.

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Luckily I carry a tubeless patch kit. Unfortunately, that wouldn't stop the leak. I threw my spare tube on and continued. I probably should have put more air in the tube.PINCH FLAT!!

That was my last tube, so I tried to zip-tie it. Four zip-ties later my tire was still flat. Luckily Alex had a spare 29er tube. Threw it in, and pumped it up. Even put a piece of the tube's box in there to cover the hole in the tread from my first flat.

Now we know that a 29er tube will work in a 27.5. It made it through the climb up to Sunset Ridge, then down Sunset Ridge Trail, and down Chaney DH Trail. All those technical difficulties and I still had a blast! Music is by Fortunate Youth. 'Burn One' off their Up-Lifted Ep & 'Sweet Love' from Irie State of Mind.

Fortunate Youth is a collaboration of South Bay reggae stand-outs. Rising from various bands, they've created a phenomenal 6-piece masterpiece bringing more fire to the stage than ever before. Combining rootsy vibes and unique bass lines united with multiple harmonies, boisterous guitar solos, and heavy keys separates Fortunate Youth from every other mainstream reggae band. With their high energy approach and positive stage presence they provide an unforgettable show to every music fan. Fortunate Youth's objective is to ensure a performance that leaves you feeling euphoric and curious of what might happen at the next show. In 2011 they supported Tribal Seeds on their nationwide Tribal Youth Tour to spread their conscious music to the nation.

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Linked up The Green, from Hawaii, for a Midwest/Westcoast run before jumping back in the studio to record. They have hit the masses promoting only their 6-song EP titled 'Up-Lifted EP' and just released their full-length album, 'IRIE STATE OF MIND' on July 1, 2011. Fortunate Youth will also be touring very heavily through 2011 including a Naitonwide CD Release Summer Tour. Upon Releasing their full-length album they quickly rose to #2 on the iTunes Reggae Charts and also locked in a #13 position on Billboard Top 100 Reggae Albums. Receiving great praise for early success Fortunate Youth strives to spread their interpretation of Reggae music to Music Lovers worldwide. Fortunate Youth toured very heavily in 2012 supporting Headliners such as The Expendables and Tribal Seeds. FY also headlined their own Nationwide Summer of Sweet Love Tour proving they can pull their own weight. Making their first international departure, Fortunate Youth played 4 shows in Costa Rica spreading the love of reggae music internationally. 2013 release, 'It's All A Jam', hit numerous charts including #1 on Billboard Reggae Charts, #10 Billboard Pacific Heatseekers Chart, #23 Billboard National Heatseeker Chart along with #1 on iTunes Reggae Charts and #46 iTunes Overall Charts. FY followed the album release with a 55-Show nationwide Spring Headline Tour seeing great response from the album's successful release.