Fallout 1 Savegame Editor

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Fallout Editors. Fallout Character Editor 1.1. Edits Character Stats. Edits Inventory Items NOTE: Hasn't. Change Fallout 1 stats, perks, skills, traits and much more. I've always enjoyed Fallout 1 and I've really enjoyed this saved game editor. Great work indeed.:).

Fallout Character Editor ------------------------- Created by: Mo_Steel Current Version: BETA2 August 19th, 2009 ------------------------- What is the Fallout Character Editor? ------------------------- The Fallout Character Editor is a simple program that allows users to easily edit a character in Fallout 3. Currently supported features include changing SPECIAL stats, Skills, Karma and giving Caps. ------------------------- How to Use FCE ------------------------- **WARNING: DO NOT USE THE FCE WHILE WEARING ANY EQUIPMENT OR UNDER THE EFFECTS OF ANY STAT OR SKILL CHANGES, OR THE VALUES WILL NOT BE PROPERLY SETUP. BE SURE TO REMOVE ALL EQUIPMENT AND STATUS EFFECTS PRIOR TO STEP #5. Run the Fallout Character Editor.exe.

Select the values you want to change (SPECIAL, Skills, and Misc.) 3. When you're ready, click 'SAVE'. Close FCE, start up Fallout 3 and load a save. Open the console and type 'bat test' WITHOUT QUOTATION MARKS. The text file should be run, modifying all the apropriate stats, skills, and misc. ------------------------- Feedback ------------------------- Got questions, suggestions, or bugs? I can be reached a number of ways: On Fallout3Nexus - On Youtube - On Steam - On Gmail - sedsfeedback AT gmail DOT com ------------------------- CHANGELOG ------------------------- Version BETA2.1: -Attempted fix for Windows 32-Bit OSes Version BETA2: -Added Skill adjusters -Added Misc.

Adjusters -Added Menu Bar (currently non-functional) -Added Selectable sections -Added README.txt file Version BETA1: -Program Created -Added SPECIAL adjusters.