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In this article we will have a look at enabling vault cache in veritas enterprise vault. What is Vault Cache? Vault cache is like a personal folder or local copy of their archived data which can be enabled and presented to end users in outlook. This can be limited based on size of the file and can be enabled only for few users based on the requirement. When this option is enabled it is provides a local pst folder mapping of users archived data to end user through virtual vault. This wizard starts automatically once after we enable this option on server side and we need to run this setup only once from the end user side.

Windows server 2008 r2 x64 standard torrent windows 7. Follow the below steps to enable vault cache in enterprise vault: Logon to Enterprise Vault – expand the policies container – navigate to exchange desktop policy and select properties – click on Vault cache tab Click on enable – make vault cache available for users. Once done we get the below warning to ensure that the cache location have enough space in addition to other vault operations that takes place from this location. Because enabling this option adds extra files in this location during the end user actions. We can check the vault cache location and cache size in below location Open vault admin console – navigate to enterprise vault – right click on ev server properties – click on cache tab- Make sure that you have added some extra space based on the number of users that we are going to assign this policy to end users Once enabled we have the following options we can allow users to decide whether they can choose this option or leave them not to enable and access from EV store. We have option to limit the archive download on GB. When this option is enabled and it reaches the maximum level the oldest item is deleted and later the new items are copied over here.

In content strategy we have 3 options Do not store any items in cache: When this option is enabled only item headers are synchronized in the vault cache and the content still remains in the vault store partition. Store all items: When this option is enabled it stores the item headers and the content from the server and maintains them as a local copy.

Store only items that user opens: When this option is enabled it stores the local copy of headers and content of only the items users retrieves from the client. The rest below features that we see are the outlook client options that we can control on the end users based on our requirement.


There are few more features in the advanced tab which helps admins to determine the vault cache settings and provide them based on the requirement. On switching to advanced tab – list settings from vault cache We can specify the download age limit. Default vault is 0. This helps admins to control the size of the download cache to the clients. We have an option to control the download age limit from server side and not providing this option to end user to make decision. There are few more options which can be modified based on our requirement. The most important thing is that we have an option to enable this feature for the delegated archive.