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Room Simulator News. Which is maintained under a Long Term System Support Program (LTSSP) agreement signed in 2015. Transas Marine has delivered its leading Engine Room Simulator ERS 5000. The engine room simulator can be coupled to the Transas Full Mission Bridge Simulator to enable combined training exercises to be conducted. Supplementing the Full Mission Engine Room Simulator is an adjacent 24 seat computer lab which is used primarily for simulator applications and includes all the ship models available within the Full.

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Applicable for Small Block Chevy V8 Engines Only.

Virtual engine simulator

Modal Training has installed an engineroom simulator from Kongsberg with an interactive walkthrough function Training academies are investing in modern engineroom simulators with interactive walk-through functionality. The Center for Simulator and Maritime Training Academy (CSmart) has opened a modern engineroom simulator from Transas at its new Arison Maritime Center in Almere, The Netherlands. This was part of a huge €75 million investment in suites of various simulators, including bridge, ecdis and bridge wing units. CSmart is owned by Carnival Corp for training cruise ship officers of all types. For engineers it has four full mission engineroom simulators with a wide array of programs and simulated exercises, which recreate an extensive range of maritime scenarios. The five-storey facility also has 24 part-task engine simulators. It also features four full mission bridge simulators.

These resources provide a very large number of different courses, including bridge resource management, engineroom operations and navigation. CSmart managing director Hans Hederstrom said that the engineroom simulator is world-class with interactive walk-throughs for simulating the operations that engineers will face. He also said that more functionality and modules have been added recently. “It now has an LNG [liquefied natural gas] engineroom module that means the simulator is prepared for training when the first LNG cruise ship is delivered in 2018,” he said.

Capt Hederstrom hadded that the facility is also used by Carnival managers. He said there were benefits in bringing captains ashore to train with the shore-based managers. CSmart also works with the Maritime Simulation Centre Warnemunde, part of Wismar university in Germany, on courses. Capt Hederstrom said CSmart was looking at simulation technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and gamified simulators for future developments.

He was speaking at the Transas global conference in Malta in March. Also at the conference, International Maritime College Oman head of maritime Benjamin Smit said the academy was busy upgrading its engineroom simulator and the full mission bridge simulator with new Transas systems. “The new engineroom simulator with an interactive walk-through is going to open soon. We are replacing the panels and then we will train the trainers on the new simulator, and then it will be opened,” Mr Smit said. “We are interested in how to include our logistics department in training in the future, as this is all becoming linked,” he said. “We are keeping an open mind for future training needs.

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But we see training changing dramatically over the years.” Modal Training in eastern England, too, has invested in walk-through technology for its new engineroom simulator suite from Kongsberg. The £7 million (US$8.8 million) simulation centre in Immingham is equipped with a full mission K-Sim engine simulator with a new high voltage breaker function, and a desktop engineroom unit. This is in addition to a full mission bridge K-Sim simulator rated as DNV Class A. This incorporates a detailed 360 degrees model of the Humber, as well as forward and aft bridge stations for dynamic positioning (DP) and anchor handling operations. This can be connected to work simultaneously with the engineroom simulator. There is also a K-Sim Class C desktop simulator system, with six PCs for DP training, a desktop K-Sim ecdis and radar simulator for up to six students and a K-Sim for vessel traffic system operators.