Emulyator Hasp Klyucha 1s 83 Windows 81 64 Bit

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I currently have windows 8.1 on my computer which I use for work, and a program I frequently use requires a HASP key that I have had sentinel runtime issues with but are now resolved. I am looking forward to the windows 10 update, but I am also worried that I may run into something similar and would like some more information on before diving in headfirst.

I rely on my computer daily to preform the tasks that require this program, and it would cause a great deal of trouble for me if this will not be compatible. In the simplest of terms my question is this: Will windows 10 be backwards compatible to programs used on previous versions of windows?


(namely programs for windows 7 and windows 8.1 are the ones I am most concerned with) and will there be any support issues for my HASP key drivers like there was with 8.1? Thank you for your time and help in advance.

I don't think anybody can be 100% certain without trying it, the software writer might be able to help. Or you could join the Insider program, set up windows 10 insider preview in a virtual machine and test it for yourself (hassle I know, but fun) Chances are it will run but, with something that important, I would not be happy giving a definitive Yes. Without testing it everything, that I have tried (that works in windows 8.1) has worked in windows 10 (except portable update which required a later version before recognising the later version of windows update).

I don't think I have tried anything written specifically for windows 7. Sorry I wasn't much help, maybe somebody else will respond with a better answer.

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