Elektroshema Gaz 3309 Dizelj

• 4.25 L ZMZ-511 • 4.15 L ZMZ-5441 air cooled diesel with • 4.75 L MMZ D-245.7 diesel with turbocharger 5-speed manual Dimensions 148.43 in (3,770 mm) Length 257.9 in (6,551 mm) Width 93.701 in (2,380 mm) Height 92.52 in (2,350 mm) Chronology Predecessor Successor GAZ-3307 and GAZ-3309 (nickname GAZon)- Russian trucks in the family of fourth-generation production of medium-duty. Flatbed truck carburetor GAZ-3307 is announced in late 1989, and a turbodiesel truck GAZ-3309 - the end of 1994. GAZ-3307 replaces the third-generation family which completely eradicated from the conveyor to the beginning of 1993. Trucks GAZ-3307 and GAZ-3309 4.5 tons carrying capacity are designed for use on all types of paved roads. In the fourth family truck GAZ also included 5-ton diesel truck GAZ-4301 (1984-1995) and 3-ton diesel truck GAZ-3306 (1993-1995).

Since 1999 a 2-/2,3-ton all terrain truck (4×4) is available with single rear axle and busbar system of centralized control of air pressure in the tires, and since 2005, 4-ton truck terrain with busbar gable rear axle. Contents • • • • History and development of the fourth generation of GAZ trucks (4×2) [ ] In the early 80s when designing the truck GAZ-3307 and other models of the fourth generation provides ample unification on sites and aggregates existing production car (chassis and gasoline power plant, in fact, moved from model GAZ-53-12), which allowed reduce the cost of automobiles and at the same time facilitate the maintenance, repair and operation. The car received a more spacious, modern double cab, equipped with efficient ventilation and heating system, first applied in the pilot truck GAZ-4301 in 1984. The design of the steering unlike their predecessors, for the first time, includes power steering.

Medium trucks on the base of GAZ-3308/3309 have the payload of 4.5 t and are capable of operating efficiently in any road and weather conditions, especially in the territories with diverse landscape and in various climatic zones. GAZ - 3310 Valday GAZ - 3309 (diesel) GAZ - 3308 Sadko 4x4.

Serial production of 4.5-ton truck GAZ-3307 (4×2) with a carbureted engine ZMZ-511 125 hp began in late 1989. In 1992, the GAZ deployed mass production 5-ton truck GAZ-4301 6-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine GAZ-542 125 hp, manufactured under license from the German company, as well as agricultural truck GAZ-SAZ-4509 on its chassis for operation in the 8.6-tonne tipper lorry convoy GAZ-6008 (truck GAZ-4509 + trailer GKB-8536).

With significant structural differences, such as wheels for models 3307 and 4301 are not interchangeable, cars are almost identical in appearance. GAZ-4301 production continued until 1995. Total produced 28,158 trucks of GAZ-4301. In 1993 he started to produce replacement model GAZ-52 - 3-ton truck GAZ-3306 4-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine GAZ-544 85 hp According to some sources in 1992 was released in a limited edition 2.5 ton modification 33061 with carburetor engine from GAZ-52. Production of three-ton GAZ-3306 (mainly in the performance of 'Cargo Taxi') continued until 1995. In late 1994, with the development of the four issue at GAZ diesel turbo air cooling GAZ-5441 115 hp, a model GAZ-3309 carrying capacity 4,5 t, completely unified on the chassis and cab with GAZ-3307 (only looks different engine air intake pipe on the left side of the cab).


By mid-1996, it completely replaced with a conveyor truck carburetor 3307. In mid-1997 its own production of diesel ' air-vent ' at GAZ was considered uneconomical, resulting in release of the model 3309 has been suspended until the end of 2001, and was restored in the production of 4,5-thin carburetor GAZ-3307. Sitesucker for windows free download. Subsequently, gas switched to purchase Belarusian diesels MMZ D-245.7 (similar turbo water cooling installed on -5301 'Bull') Motor Plant (MMZ), which is installed in the production resumed in 3309 model. Since 1999, the 4th family truck GAZ serially produced four-wheel drive (4×4) car in the army (capacity 2 tons) and civil (2.3 m) versions. With 2006 GAZ-3307, GAZ-3309 and GAZ-3308 installed petrol and diesel engines certified for environmental standards Euro-2, and since 2008 Euro-3. Large scale production of 3307 and 3308 models with petrol engines ZMZ actually was discontinued in 2009, but some time maintained their limited production under certified for government agencies spetsversii (for example, in 2010 produced 406 units GAZ-3307).