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Morgan Campbell Morgan Campbell, a sixteen-year-old junior at East Line High, is highly regarded by his teachers and peers. He has blond hair and a muscular build from lifting weights in his family's basement. Morgan comes from a wealthy family. His father is a popular state politician, who plans to run for governor. Morgan is proud of his parents, who are successful lawyers and leaders of the community, but he does not have a loving relationship with them. When his parents kiss him goodnight, he offers his cheek as a minimal response.

Morgan is very attracted to Remy. They have known each other since elementary school. The last time Morgan's father ran for office, the Campbells went to church regularly for a few years, so Remy and Morgan saw each other in sunday school, every week. Never before has Morgan had a girlfriend, and he doesn't know exactly how.

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'With evocative, vigorous prose,' Cooney writes of a night of thrill-seeking gone wrong when a young mother dies as a result of a prank by three teenagers.

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