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Hi all, Forgive me if this is a stupid question. Rukovodstvo po remontu i ekspluatacii nissan aljmera tino. I bought this Sabrent 12-button USB controller in October to play PC games.

It worked just fine on my old laptop running Windows 7. I bought a new laptop last week running Windows 10. It won't work at all on this computer. It comes up in the 'Devices and Printers' area as 'Generic USB Joystick,' so it's being seen, but it isn't working. Can I make this work somehow? EDIT: I checked out the 'Test' tab under 'Generic USB Joystick PROPERTIES.'

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This let me test to see if all of the dials and buttons are working. It DOES work and react to my input. However, neither Dolphin nor Project 64 respond when I try to configure the controller in those programs (even though I'm doing exactly the same things as I did on my old laptop).