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Sakharov was born into the Russian intelligentsia. His father, Dmitry Sakharov, taught at several Moscow schools and institutes and wrote popular scientific works and textbooks. A man of principle, he had an enormous effect on his son. His mother, Ekaterina, remained at home and took care of the family. Andrey Sakharov was tutored at home for several years and entered school only in the fall of 1933. His exceptional scientific promise was recognized early, and in 1938 he enrolled in the physics department of. After the outbreak of war with Germany in June 1941, he failed a medical exam and was found unfit for military service.

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In October he and his fellow students were evacuated to Ashkhabad (now, Turkmenistan), capital of the Turkmen Republic in, where they resumed their studies and graduated in 1942. He contributed to the war effort by working in the laboratory of a munitions factory in.

While working there, he met Klavdia Vikhireva, and they were married in July 1943, a marriage that lasted until her death in 1969. They had three children: Tanya, Lyuba, and Dmitry. In 1945 they returned to Moscow, where Sakharov began his graduate work at the P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute of the Soviet (FIAN) under the direction of, earning his doctorate in two years. In June 1948 Tamm was appointed to head a special research group at FIAN to investigate the possibility of building a. Sakharov joined Tamm’s group and, with his colleagues and Yuri Romanov, worked on calculations produced by Yakov Zeldovich’s group at the Institute of Chemical Physics. The Soviet discovery of the major ideas behind the thermonuclear bomb went through several stages.

Drajvera Dlya Naushnikov Sven Ap 860mv

Later in 1948 Sakharov proposed a design in which alternating layers of and are placed between the fissile core of an and the surrounding chemical high. The scheme—analogous to American physicist ’s “Alarm Clock” design—was called Sloika, or “ ” as it is usually translated. Drivers start your engines wav download. Sakharov referred to it as the “First Idea.” Sakharov credits Ginzburg for the “ Second Idea.” In 1949 Ginzburg published reports proposing substituting deuteride for the liquid deuterium.

When bombarded with neutrons, the lithium yields, which when fused with the deuterium generates a greater release of. In March 1950 Sakharov arrived at the “Installation” ( and later Arzamas-16), located in what became the secret Soviet city of Sarov. Under the scientific leadership of, work at KB-11 had begun three years earlier to develop and produce Soviet.