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The Protector has been confirmed for another series by following the success of the first season. Season two of The Protector can't come soon enough for fans of the action-packed series, which takes place in Istanbul,. The drama focuses on shopkeeper Hakan (played by Cagatay Ulusoy) after he discovers his powerful links to a mysterious group tasked with protecting the major Turkish city. So when will season two of The Protector be released on Netflix? Here's all we know so far about another series.

Will there be another series of The Protector on Netflix? The Protector season two will go ahead, according to. Netflix’s first ever Turkish Original Series only released its first season on December 14, 2018, but an episode list for season two quickly appeared on the show’s IMDb page. Turkish daily news website also confirmed the news. Netflix International Productions Vice President Kelly Luegenbiehl reportedly said at the show’s launch press conference in Istanbul: “Today I announce that the second season will be shot. It will be broadcast with new artists in 2019.”. When will The Protector season 2 be released on Netflix?

Netflix is yet to announce an exact release date for a second series, but fans can definitely expect at some time in 2019. 's release time was at 8am (GMT) in the UK on Friday, December 14. If show bosses choose to adopt a similar time schedule, The Protector fans may be able to expect season two in Winter 2019. The second season will only be available on Netflix, due to the fact it's an original series, meaning and subscribers won't be able to stream the new series on those platforms.

Who will be in the cast of The Protector season 2 on Netflix? Season two will likely see Cagatay Ulusoy return as the show’s leading man Hakan amongst. His on-screen love interest Leyla (played by Ayca Aysin Turan) looks also likely to reprise the role, having appeared in every episode of season one. Other characters whose return is all but guaranteed include Zeynep (Hazar Erguclu) and Faisal (Okan Yalabik), as both also boast a 100 percent appearance record. Kemal (Yurdaer Okur) and Mazhar (Mehmet Kurtulls) could return alongside the core cast, having played major parts in season one.

The second season of The Protector isn't currently included in but that's not to say for definite we won't see the cast on-screen again at some point later in the year.

Download Torrent The Office Season 2

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