Download Super Smash Bros Brawl Save Data

Mar 23, 2018  Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a fighting game in opposing arenas in which many characters from the world of Nintendo, from Link to Pikachu, to some guests: the saga of Snake Metal Gear and Sonic. Many single player modes are available with their variants.

This save editor does have bugs, one being that it directly modifies the save files that it opens, so make a backup of the save file before opening it with this editor. Also this editor is written in a very old language, however should still work for what it is intended to do. I used another source program written in the said language as a template, and made this Editor.

When someone else create an SSB3DS editor and release it, that editor will most likely supersede this one. Keep in mind that the editor allows you to acquire all move sets, headgears, and outfits, in a very crude way. It simply writes 'FF' to the location of the save file that enables these things. I do not know if Nintendo can ban based on what is written on the save file or not, so keep that in mind, that it is very noticeable when viewing it in a hex editor. Forgot to mention that this editor has been tested on version 1.0.4.

Try to refrain from using insane amount of values, like for coins. Refer to this thread: for unlocking all characters and if your game reject that says something along the line of 'Since not the latest data' So without further ado, enjoy your ill gotten trophies, and moves, etc. Update: Confirmed by that the editor works on version 1.0.5 of the game. Update 2: My SSB3DS Save Editor is updated to v2.5 and has some new unlocking features.

This was tested on update version 1.0.8. I have compiled version 2, but felt it was not good enough for release as the transparent feature was not working and the DLC characters were released before I could release it. So I bumped it up to version 2.5, because the DLC characters were added into the list. Now you are able to edit your Power equipment in your custom character slots (a character must be saved to the said slot to be modified). It is best to customize your characters, and give it equipment before using the Power editor menu. The Power editor menu can and will make your characters obese, as it allows you to bypass the wight limit of the amount of powers you can equip in smash run.

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Using the unlock all specials feature is highly recommended to fully utilize the powers equipped for smash run, else all the ones you did not earn will be faded out. The SSB3DS save editor has grown in size unfortunately, and the old programming language could not be supported. So now version 2.5 requires.Net framework version 4 to run. Again all the bugs still remains as well as perhaps some new ones. I also compiled both 32 bit and 64 bit of the editor, however keep in mind that the 32 bit version is fast, but unstable and the 64 bit version is slow but stable. When using the 32 bit version, make sure not to open no more then 2 or 3 characters in a single session, as you will encounter a memory exception error.

Navitel dlya magnitoli hyundai. To reset the characters opening count, just simply close all the way out the application and relaunch it. The 64 bit version does not have these limitation. If you get an unhandled exception upon loading a save in the power editing menu, then something went wrong with the save.

This is why it is very important to keep a backup of your save. Another option (don't know if it will work but should) is to delete the character in the offending slot and create a new one in its place, and retry. Sadly repeat loading of the save file is needed. So load the save file at the main menu, then again at every character selection.

To activate the new menu, you need to click on Peach button. I have not tested the 'DLC Trophies' without the DLC characters, so it may or may not work properly without the DLC installed.