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886 Views SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Multiple Choice Questions:- 1.Identify, from among the following, the correct statement. (a) One of the main challenges Software Engineering facing today is the requirement of most software systems to work with a multitude of homogenous systems (b) ‘Legacy systems’ are custom developed software systems for the legal domain (c) Software does not wear-out in the traditional sense of the term, but software does tend to deteriorate as it evolves (d) Since software is essentially ‘intangible’ it is relatively easy to manage software projects (e) With the advent of component based software assembly, we find that only less than 20% of today’s software is still custom built. 2.Software Engineering: (a) Is a set of rules about developing software products (b) Has been around as a discipline since the early 50’s (c) Started as a response to the so-called ‘Software Crisis’ of the late 90’s (d) Is an engineering discipline concerned with all the aspects of software production (e) Is now a mature discipline on par with other established engineering fields. 3. Read the following paragraph and identify the correct statement. “Imagine that you were recently hired as a software engineer to a company that specializes in aircraft navigation control software.

Jan 14, 2019 - Software engineering: a practitioner's approach / Roger S. Includes index. Innova 3140 software update ISBN 978–0–07–337597–7 — ISBN.


While orientating yourselves to the company’s work practices, you observe that they in fact do not conduct a few tests that they should in order to comply with the relevant safety standard.