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Cause of death to upper body and head Nationality Education, Occupation, Years active 1972 – 1997 (death) Spouse(s) Sudesh Kumari Dua (1975-1997; his death) Children (Son) (Daughter) Khushali Kumari Dua (Daughter) Relatives (Younger Brother) Gulshan Kumar Dua (5 May 1956 – 12 August 1997), known professionally as Gulshan Kumar, was the founder of the (), and a movie producer. He founded T-Series in the 1980s and established it as a leading record label in the 1990s. In 1997, he was murdered by the syndicate. After his death, T-Series has since been run by his younger brother and son. His daughter and Khushali Kumar are also famous playback singers. Contents • • • • • • Biography Gulshan Kumar Dua was born into a family. He was the son of Chandrabhan Kumar Dua, a fruit juice vendor who worked the streets of the neighborhood in the heart of.

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Dua started working with his father from an early age. He was a devoted worshiper of and, as he was a follower of the tradition of. Dua changed career paths when his family acquired a shop selling records and cheap audio cassettes, which foreshadowed the onset of a vast music empire. Assassination & Death Gulshan Kumar Dua lost his life in a shooting outside the Jeeteshwar Mahadev Mandir, a dedicated to of which he attended daily in Jeet Nagar, suburb of, on 12 August 1997. He was shot 16 times by a organization called.

Autocad 2015 crack 64 bit xforce. The police also accused film composer Nadeem Saifi of the music duo of having paid for the murder due to a personal dispute and fled the country after the murder. However, on 9 January 2001, Abdul Rauf Merchant (known as 'Raja') confessed to being the murderer. On 29 April 2002, Sessions Judge M.

Can you handle it instrumental usher. Tahilyani sentenced Rauf to life imprisonment, stating that he was not imposing the death penalty because the prosecution had failed to prove that Rauf was a contract killer. The police alleged that Saifi paid, a known associate of, to assassinate Dua and assigned Rauf to the job, but it just so happened that Ibrahim and Abu Salem were already planning on murdering Dua as he had refused to pay to D-Company as part of an extortion attempt. As per his family's wishes, Gulshan Kumar Dua was cremated in a (cremation ground) in. After the police's allegations against him, Nadeem Saifi had fled to the. In 2001, the case was taken to the, which rejected the 's request for on the ground that there was no case against Saifi. In August 2001, the prosecution's main witness, Mohammed Ali Hussain Shaikh, who had earlier claimed Saifi participated in the murder, eventually revealed that he didn't know Saifi and had never seen him. Abu Salem also denied Nadeem's involvement on Indian national television.

Saifi was also by four courts, including the in the United Kingdom and the sessions court in. Saifi eventually acquired British citizenship, and later moved to, where he runs a successful business. Legacy In 2017, T-Series announced plans to produce a about Kumar titled.

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