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Teen Cribs is a new show that airs on MTV. Teen Cribs made its debut on television in January of 2009. This show depicts non celebrity kids and their outrageously pimped-out cribs.

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The Teen Cribs show depicts ordinary kids who have freakishly and outlandishly big mansions. Teen Cribs usually captures audience members in their early teens to adults in their mid twenties. Parents make these very fabulous homes with perks like indoor nightclubs, indoor basketball courts, movie theaters, golf courses, and bowling alleys (just to name a few). You may also find cribs with indoor tree houses to computerized libraries inside these homes. Anything you can dream up is probably going to be on this show. You'll get to have a behind the scene look at these lucky teens who call these mansions home.

The show travels around the country, city to city, bringing the viewers at home an up-close look at a true pimped-out pad. What makes these kid's mansions so different is the fact that they were built by the parents with the ideas in mind of keeping their children safe, at home, and happy. Some of these cribs have a secret room, secret door, or passage way built specifically with the child's happiness and well- being in mind.

In every episode, the mansions are more intricate than the last. We see the children's friends come over to enjoy the luxuries of being their friend. Entertainment is always an option for these kids with never a dull moment to endure. You'll see first hand, how these very fortunate teens are converting their mansions into the hottest spots around the neighborhood.


They bring the club scene, movie theater, and pool scene to them. The viewers get to see the kid's well-to-do parents talk about how they benefit from making such an elaborate pad, and what it means for the family as a unit. Critics and viewers alike rave about this kind of reality show.

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