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Propeller on a modern mid-sized merchant vessel. The propeller rotates clockwise to propel the ship forward when viewed from astern (right of picture); the person in the picture has his hand on the blade's trailing edge.

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A propeller is a type of that transmits power by converting motion into. A pressure difference is produced between the forward and rear surfaces of the -shaped blade, and a fluid (such as air or water) is accelerated behind the blade. Propeller dynamics, like those of aircraft, can be modelled. Most marine propellers are screw propellers with fixed helical blades rotating around a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) axis or propeller shaft. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • History [ ] Early developments [ ] The principle employed in using a screw propeller is used in. It is part of the skill of propelling a Venetian but was used in a less refined way in other parts of Europe and probably elsewhere. For example, propelling a with a single paddle using a or side slipping a with a involves a similar technique.

In China, sculling, called 'lu', was also used by the 3rd century AD. In sculling, a single blade is moved through an arc, from side to side taking care to keep presenting the blade to the water at the effective angle. The innovation introduced with the screw propeller was the extension of that arc through more than 360° by attaching the blade to a rotating shaft. Propellers can have a, but in practice there are nearly always more than one so as to balance the forces involved. The origin of the screw propeller starts with, who used a screw to lift water for irrigation and bailing boats, so famously that it became known as.

It was probably an application of spiral movement in space (spirals were a special study of ) to a hollow segmented water-wheel used for irrigation by for centuries. Leonardo da Vinci adopted the principle to drive his theoretical helicopter, sketches of which involved a large canvas screw overhead.

In 1661, Toogood and Hays proposed using screws for waterjet propulsion, though not as a propeller. Robert Hook in 1681 designed a horizontal watermill which was remarkably similar to the Kirsten-Boeing vertical axis propeller designed almost two and a half centuries later in 1928; two years later Hook modified the design to provide motive power for ships through water. In 1752, the Academie des Sciences in Paris granted Burnelli a prize for a design of a propeller-wheel. At about the same time, the French mathematician Alexis-Jean-Pierre Paucton, suggested a water propulsion system based on the Archimedean screw. In 1771, steam-engine inventor in a private letter suggested using 'spiral oars' to propel boats, although he did not use them with his steam engines, or ever implement the idea. The first practical and applied use of a propeller on a submarine dubbed which was designed in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1775 by Yale student and inventor, with the help of the clock maker, engraver, and brass foundryman, and with Bushnell's brother Ezra Bushnell and ship's carpenter and clock maker Phineas Pratt constructing the hull in Saybrook, Connecticut. On the night of September 6, 1776, Sergeant Ezra Lee piloted Turtle in an attack on HMS Eagle in New York Harbor.