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Undisputed II: Last Man Standing – Iceman – ultimul meci (2006) Online Subtitrat ALEGE UNUL DINTRE PLAYERELE DE MAI JOS PENTRU PENTRU A VIZIONA FILMUL Player 1.

George 'Ice Man' Chambers (Rhames) is a top ranked heavyweight boxer. However Chambers has his world turned upside down when he is accused of rape and sent to prison. Upon his arrival he hears talk about Monroe Hutchen (Snipes) who is the top ranked prison boxing champ 10 years running. Immediately there is bad blood with Chambers not wanting to be second to no one which leads to a lunch room fight between the men. Figuring it will be a good way to make money fellow convict Emmanuel 'Mendy' Ripstein (Peter Falk) sets up a prison boxing match between the two men to decide who is the real UNDISPUTED champ. Michael Rooker plays a guard, Fisher Stevens, John Seda, and Master P co star.

Uchebnik sn vinogradova organizaciya i tehnologiya torgovli. At this very moment as I type, I am watching what has to be one of THE worst movies I have seen, in a long time. I cannot believe that Walter Hill, who gave us Red Heat among many other great films, actually directed this. It is a total waste from start to finish.

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There are some great actors in this trash: Wesley Snipes, Ving Rhames, Peter Falk, and Michael Rooker. Also some bad ones like Fisher Stevens. But the lame script does them all no justice. An attempt at adding tension to the build up to a supposed great fight in the prison inwhich the film is set, falls flat every time a lame caption such as '.9 days to the fight.' Appears on screen. And even the actual boxing match is lackluster, when compared to the ones in the Rocky movies. Wesley Snipes hasn't had a hit film in years, and one hopes that the soon to be released Blade 3 will wash the bad taste of Undisputed out of his fans mouthes.

AVOID at all costs.Unless you wish to see Columbo spit forth about fifty expletives in as many seconds.