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Explore releases and tracks from Denise LaSalle at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Denise LaSalle at the Discogs Marketplace. Denise LaSalle: Trapped. Any chance of posting FRIENDS AGAIN-trapped and unwrapped album? Jess from vacaville,ca. 7:55 PM Ryoga said. Please, is there anyone who can upload Takahashi Yukihiro albums from Megaupload to something else?

A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS- I Ran (LP A Flock Of Seagulls, 1982) A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS- The More You Live The More You Love (LP Story Of A Young Heart, 1984) A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS- Space Age Love Song (LP A Flock Of Seagulls, 1982) A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS- Wishing (LP Listen, 1983) ABC- All Of My Heart (LP The Lexicon Of Love, 1982) ABC- Be Near Me (LP How To Be A Zillionaire, 1985) ABC- The Look Of Love (LP The Lexicon Of Love, 1982) ABC- The Night You Murdered Love (LP Alphabet City, 1987) ABC- Poison Arrow (LP The Lexicon Of Love, 1982) ABC- S.O.S. BANANARAMA- Love In The First Degree (LP Wow! 1987) BANANARAMA- Robert De Niro's Waiting (LP Bananarama, 1984) BANANARAMA- Venus (LP True Confessions, 1986) BANANARAMA- I Heard A Rumour (LP Wow! ERASURE - Blue Savannah (LP Wild! 1989) ERASURE- Drama (LP Wild! 1989) ERASURE- Oh L'amour (LP Wonderland, 1986) ERASURE- Ship Of Fools (LP The Innocents, 1988) ERASURE- Sometimes ( 1986 / The Circus, 1987) ERASURE- Who Needs Love Like That ( 1985 / LP Wonderland, 1986) ERASURE- You Surround Me (LP Wild! LA’S, THE- There She Goes ( 1988 / The La's, 1990) LATIN QUARTER- Radio Africa (LP Modern Times, 1985) LENNON, JULIAN- Too Late For Goodbye (LP Valotte, 1984) LEVEL 42- Children Say (LP Running In The Family, 1987) LEVEL 42- Leaving Me Now (LP World Machine, 1985) LEVEL 42- Lessons In Love (LP Running In The Family, 1987) LEVEL 42- Love Games (LP Level 42, 1981) LEVEL 42- Running In The Family (LP Running In The Family, 1987) LEVEL 42- Something About You (LP World Machine, 1985) LEVEL 42- The Sun Goes Down (LIving It Up) (LP Standing In The Light, 1983).

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SILENCERS, THE- Painted Moon ( 1987 / LP A Letter From St. VAPORS- Turning Japanese (LP New Clear Days, 1980) VISAGE- Fade To Grey ( 1980 / LP Visage, 1981) VISAGE- Love Glove (LP Beat Boy, 1984) WANG CHUNG- Dance Hall Days (LP Points On The Curve, 1984) WANG CHUNG- Don't Let Go (LP Points On The Curve, 1984) WANG CHUNG- Everybody Have Fun Tonight (LP Mosaic, 1986) WANG CHUNG- To Live & Die In L.A. YAZOO- State Farm ( 1983 / double A-side on Nobody's Diary) YOUNG, PAUL- Come Back & Stay (LP No Parlez, 1983) YOUNG, PAUL- Every Time You Go Away (LP The Secret Of Association, 1985) YOUNG, PAUL- Everything Must Change ( 1984 / LP The Secret Of Association, 1985) YOUNG, PAUL- I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down ( 1984 / LP The Secret Of Association, 1985) YOUNG, PAUL- Love Of The Common People (LP No Parlez, 1983) YOUNG, PAUL-S ome People (LP Between Two Fires, 1986) YOUNG, PAUL- Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home) (LP No Parlez, 1983) ZU ZU SHARKS- Eyes Of The World ( 1984). The list you are referring to is over 5 years old and not fully detailed. As you have already noticed the above bands are only mentioned by name.

Xabarda, O‘zbekistonning Farg‘ona viloyatini Qirg‘izistonning Botken viloyati bilan bog‘lab turuvchi «Vodil» o‘tkazish punktini kesib o‘tish 11 soat vaqt olmoqda. Foto: «Ozodlik» radiosi. Bu haqda Chegara qo‘shinlari vakili «'ga xabar qildi. Ozodlik radiosi yangiliklari bugun ki. DXX Chegara qo‘shinlari vakili mazkur punkt to‘xtalishlarsiz ishlayotgani (o‘tkazish qobiliyati sutkasiga 8000 kishidan ortiq bo‘lib, kuniga 6000−6500 kishi kesib o‘tmoqda) va navbatlar kuzatilmayotganini ma’lum qildi.

Both bands have many hits in Hellas but their songs with the biggest radio air-play and also the most played songs in bars & clubs through the years are: NEW ORDER 1) True Faith (1987) All time classic 2) Blue Monday (1983) Club classic 3) 60 Miles An Hour (2001) PET SHOP BOYS 1) It's A Sin (1987) All time classic 2) Domino Dancing (1988) All time classic 3) West End Girls (1985) Radio standard. The only other New Order song that was a major hit in the 80's in Hellas, was 'Perfect Kiss'. I can only guess that '60 Miles An Hour' has something catchy & radio friendly at the same for the rest of New Order's most popular songs in Hellec radio stations: 4) Perfect Kiss (1985) 5) Round & Round (1989) 6) Regret (1993) 7) Touched By The Hand Of God (1988) 8) Crystal (2001) 9) Bizarre Love Triangle (1985) & 10) Sub-Culture (1985).noticing that 1990 hymn 'World In Motion' (E.N.O.) & 1989 radio classic 'Getting Away With It' (Electronic) are generally not 'considered' New Order songs.

That's a very good question.yet to be answered. Until it's answered it's save to present more lists to cover all grounds, even though they are not absolutley objective on their criteria any how. That's why my next lists (90s & oos) have another subject!and how about this: FREDDIE MERCURY: My songs are like Bic razors.

For modern consumption. You listen to it, like it, discard it, then on to the next. Disposable pop.

(Q magazine, Feb 92, Page17) Who's to say what & who is 'rock' nowadays or even in the past? I must apologize for having mistaken this duo for British all this years but it was due to lack of info about them.

While searching for facts about the band, I found out that they are actually a German band from Minden, Deutschland and their names are Peter Wagener & Alexander Seidl and they were assisted in production by the duo Anzilotti & M端nzing (Snap!) just like Off, 16 Bit and other German acts around 1986-1987. Well, it seems only fair at that time, since several songs either became hits or were released as singles in 1980 to include them on this list.