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The experimental data shown as an intensity plot in yellow-red-black scale. Green dashed rectangle represents the of the CuO2 plane of. The most direct experimental technique to resolve the electronic structure of crystals in the momentum-energy space (see ), and, consequently, the Fermi surface, is the (ARPES). An example of the measured by ARPES is shown in the figure 3. With it is also possible to determine the Fermi surface as the annihilation process conserves the momentum of the initial particle. Since a positron in a solid will thermalize prior to annihilation, the annihilation radiation carries the information about the electron momentum.

The corresponding experimental technique is called (ACAR) as it measures the angular deviation from 000000000♠180 degree of both annihilation quanta. In this way it is possible to probe the electron momentum density of a solid and determine the Fermi surface. Furthermore, using positrons, the momentum distribution for the two states in magnetized materials can be obtained.

ACAR has many advantages and disadvantages compared to other experimental techniques: It does not rely on conditions, cryogenic temperatures, high magnetic fields or fully ordered alloys. However, ACAR needs samples with a low vacancy concentration as they act as effective traps for positrons. In this way, the first determination of a smeared Fermi surface in a 30% alloy was obtained in 1978. See also [ ].

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