Darksiders 2 Artbook Download

Capitalism 2 torrent. THQ have announced a limited edition for Darksiders 2, which will be available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In addition to the usual collector’s trinkets, the limited edition with a download code that will allow you grab Argul’s Tomb, the game’s first single player DLC pack, for free once it’s available. As far as collector’s items go, the limited edition comes with a life-sized Death Mask and display stand, a Shadow of Death armour + scythe set with enhanced stats, a hardcover art book, and a digital soundtrack. The Darksiders 2 limited edition will only be available through pre-ordering the game, and will cost $99.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the game, THQ will upgrade your pre-order to the limited edition free of cost. Depending on where you ordered from,. Darksiders 2 is slated for release on June 26th in North America.

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Eye boggling collection the Creative Studio Director and team has done it again by presenting us with an amazing collection of. Amazon listed the second volume wrongly at 200 pages.

It's 224 pages thick, which is thinner than the first artbook. Anyway, The Art of Darksiders 2 art book is still very thick! An astonishing amount of concept art fills the pages. There are,, weapons, enemies and 3D renders. And all come with painted version and the sketches.

That's a lot to see. There's an incredible amount of variety and detail for all the artwork featured. Towards the end, there's commentary on the style guide and a brief explanation on how they paint over 3D models. The 3D renders are gorgeous but printed a bit small at less than a quarter size for each character. They are considered small only because there's so much detail that you want a larger picture to look at them. The binding has improved. But with a book this thick, I would still be careful.

At least, I no longer have the fear of its pages falling out. It's definitely a huge improvement over the the atrocious binding of the first artbook. By they way, the May 2011 second printing of the first artbook has improved the binding also.

Opisanie vneshnosti putina na anglijskom yazike mp3. This is an awesome artbook with a remarkable amount of great art. Highly recommended.

- The book's a review copy from. The Art of Darksiders II is available at Amazon ( ).