Cs 16 Iceworld Map Download

Dear friends, I wanted to apologize for never uploading my interpretation of fy_iceworld and fy_snow for CSGO. I was already a skilled map maker before CSGO came out, and this was my first map for the game. I realize fy_iceworld and fy_snow never took off in CSGO the same as in 1.6 and CSS.

I feel partly responsible, because I've been sitting on this map with it complete for almost 5 years and never uploaded it because I was like depressed or something. I just couldn't do it, it is difficult to put into words.

I'm running steam (CS 1.6), and every time I launch an fy_iceworld.

Anyways I uploaded the map and didn't advertise it, and it got 200 subs over night. I feel like an ancient depression has left my body, to wake up and see that was special indeed. Hope you all dig it, remember to have fun in CSGO in ways besides competitive matchmaking!

Unfortunately I was not able to find out who the authors of the original maps for CS1.6. This is a situation where the screenshots say more about the map than anybody else can. I advise everyone to download and play. Because it is best remakes of popular standard maps and I hope that DC will include its in the next patch. In my opinion, this famous maps of fun, especially when you play 8x8 or more players. Quicktime 75 5 for mac os x 105 8. Maps is small, on this game even 5x5 will become 'meat':D. Posledovanie arhierejskoj sluzhbi kustovskij.

Only the most cunning and fast can survive on it.