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The best recipes are the ones that are shared. And if they’ve been shared a lot, you know they’re good. Such is the case with these Crack Pretzels.

Heather came home from work one day with a recipe for seasoned pretzels that she “just had to make” for me. She’d been talking about these things for weeks. Apparently her friend Aimee was pretty well known for these babies at the hospital. So when she shared the recipe with Heather, she stopped by the store on her way home to grab the ingredients that very day.

For good reason. These things are ridiculous. There are TONS of recipes for seasoned pretzels out there – despite the fact that I hadn’t even ever heard of them.

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The prep methods vary too. But this one is cheap, easy, and incredibly delicious.

So I just knew I had to share it with y’all and Aimee graciously obliged. Now, she calls them Seasoned Pretzels.

But “seasoned” just doesn’t quite convey the deliciousness in my opinion. So we started calling them Crack Pretzels because they’re so addictive. It’s seriously a case of “bet you can’t eat just one.” Two things to keep in mind Make sure to allow them to “marinate” overnight.

They need the time for everything to get happy. Also, don’t feel compelled to taste them before they’ve had time to do that. You’ll end up with a mouthful of vegetable oil, which ain’t pleasant. 🙂 These are a great snack, a delicious appetizer, and are a GREAT gift to share with your neighbors.