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Template halaman login hotspot mikrotik router Contents • • • • • • • 2005 model The 2005 model uses the same and as the Comag SL65 and Chess SL35. The firmware is also very similar to that used in the Strong SR65xx series, and it can be ported from the Strong SRT65xx to the Silvercrest SL65 and vice-versa.

The latest firmware is version 1.75, which corrects the support of some channels. This firmware has to be copied to the receiver by means of a cable. Currently, anyone who has this model of SL65 with firmware version 1.75 or newer is able to watch besides the free-to-air, just a few pay channels that still use older encoding schemes. Silvercrest SL65 Remote Control 2006 model This model uses an chip, and also has a version. It has the following other differences from the 2005 model: • The 2005 model has screws at the side of the box; the 2006 model does not. • The 2005 model is programmed through a 20 pin interface; the 2006 model is programmed through a 6-pin interface.

2007 model Currently there are 7 models. Chip Pins The Processor chip with 216 small pins will be either an (Ali M3329 B1 or Ali M3329 A1) look for a small thin aluminium plate about 22 mm square, this is the heatsink and has to be carefully removed with your fingernail or a sharp instrument to reveal the number on the face of the processor below it. The heatsink can be replaced afterwards with some thermal paste.

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If your processor has its heatsink soldered through the main board (On Legs) and has 128 pins it is the Ali M3329C E1 Processor. If it has 208 pins it is the early model and has the Omega STi5518 Processor and this model although is patchable does not have much up to date software releases that will cope with today's current encryptions. There are current patches for the Ali M3329 B1 Chip and the Ali M3329C E1 Chip, but the Ali M3329 A1 processor has had very little satisfactory success and gives overheating along with pixelation problems due to its internal structure. So basically the A1 Processor is not up to the task of carrying out the necessary algorithms to decrypt today's tighter encryptions. Only when you are confident and know which processor you have got in your STB you can then proceed To Patch or load new firmwares.

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