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Interesting observation: the city of birds is much smaller than in the city. It turns out that there are many secluded places in the city for birds. But the most frequent refuge are lampposts.

Through a narrow gap near the lamp, the bird squeezes inside. Here, dropping down the trunk of the pipe, she hits her nest on a skein of wires. Can you imagine the conditions under which a bird lives, a small fighter with plant pests? But the person is able to repay the winged helpers, but how? Build a birdhouse, the size of which will be larger than the tube of the lantern.

Materials for construction To determine how to build a birdhouse forstarlings, it is necessary to select the appropriate material. Best for construction are wooden boards of exclusively hardwoods - birch, alder, aspen. Coniferous wood is not recommended.

It emits resin, which makes the surfaces of the house for birds sticky. Not suitable for poultry house plywood. It poorly stores heat, making the new building very cold. And practically does not miss sounds, which are very important for birds, especially in the event of danger.

Pressed wood (fiberboard, particleboard) detoxifies, so it's not suitable for a birdhouse at all. Drawing of the birdhouse Correctly calculated and outlined diagramwill greatly simplify the construction process. Therefore, before building a birdhouse, the drawing must be made with all necessary dimensions taken into account.

The optimal height of the house for the starling is 35 cm. For the bottom, a blank is required in the form of a square with a side of 16 cm. The summer should be 5-6 centimeters in diameter. Before building a birdhouse, the dimensions should be checked several times.

If the proposed living space feathers seem cramped, they simply bypass your new building. However, for larger sizes, it is not worth pursuing. Otherwise, the offspring grown in too large apartments will be painful and weak. Step-by-step instruction The creation of a simple birdhouse does not require largeskills or experience with working with wood.

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The main thing is to use drawings correctly. If you build a dwelling for birds for the first time, then the question naturally arises: how to build a birdhouse in stages? The image shows the scheme of a traditional solid house, known to everyone from childhood.

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The sides of the roof are different. One should be longer by the thickness of the board to cover the edge of the first. After all, the birdhouse should not only be practical, but also have an excellent appearance. After all the workpieces are cut from the board, be sure to check that they make up the birdhouse correctly. If all the previous tips were taken into account, then problems in assembling the house should not arise.

It is best not to drive nails, but to drillsmall holes. The nail can enter incorrectly into the wood, then the sharp edge will stick out in the birdhouse, making the housing insecure enough for the birds. And maybe completely chop the wood. To make the drilling process as safe as possible, fix the wooden parts in several C-clips.

Before applying nails or screws, be sure to glue the edges of the sides with a good carpenter's glue. After assembling the frame, you should do a roundentrance.