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Updates Here you'll find the latest updates to, including patches to update the program itself, as well as new datasheets to build more detailed characters. Data Sheets Coming soon – officially approved data sheets!

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Each of these modules will contain all the skills, advantages/disadvantages, powers, etc. Akip 4113 1 rukovodstvo po ekspluatacii. From a specific supplement. They will be created by fans like you, and tested by us. If you have a data sheet you'd like to submit, simply follow the guidelines below: • Send your data sheet to. We'll check it out, and if it's approved, it'll become the official datasheet for that specific supplement, and will be available here for download by registered users. • Do not submit data sheets that you did not create yourself, even if you credit the real author.

Authors can submit their own data sheets if they wish. • Whether your submission is approved or not, you are welcome to post your own data sheets on your own website, as long as you provide a link to.


• IMPORTANT: By submitting a data sheet to us for posting, you grant Steve Jackson Games the right to include it in any future releases or expansions. Authors will be credited for their contributions, but there will be no other payments. .