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Directed by Writing Credits. (screenplay) &. (screenplay) Cast. Miime (voice).

Log in or sign up in seconds. . Limit my search to r/anime. List of legal streams and downloads. So my theory is that Yama is actually a young Harlock. Younger self (Yama/Logan) replace him as Captain Harlock and we. Maybe it's the dub too but the entire thing is just SO idiotic. Only one man can do anything about it, Space Captain Harlock, but the Gaia Coalition will stop at nothing to end. It happens MANY times in the English dub.

Tori-san (voice). Yama / Logan (voice). Roujin (voice). Isora (voice). Soukan (voice). Nami (voice).

Nami (voice). Ezra Produced. Executive producer. Producer Music by Production Management. Production manager.

Executive in charge of production Art Department. Concept artist.

Concept Artist. Concept artist. Concept artist Sound Department.

Sound re-recording mixer: French version. Sound mix technician: FRENCH VERSION. Sound designer: temp.

Sound designer: temp Visual Effects. Lighting artist. Facial performance capture.

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Harlock, as he appears in the Galaxy Express 999 film First appearance (1977) Created by Voiced by Japanese (,,,,, ) (, ) ( ) ( ) English Lanny Broyles ( ) (, ) (, ) (, ) ( ) ( ) Profile Alias Franklin Harlock, Jr. Francis Harlock, Jr.

Phantom II Herlock Captain Harlock ( キャプテン・ハーロック, Kyaputen Hārokku, also known as 'Captain Herlock' for the English release of and as 'Albator' in ) is a created by and the protagonist of the manga series. Harlock is the archetypical, a with an individualist philosophy of life. He is as noble as he is taciturn,, fighting against totalitarian regimes, whether they be Earth-born or alien. In his own words, he 'fight[s] for no one's sake. Only for something deep in [his] heart.'

He does not fear death, and is sometimes seen wearing clothing with the number 42 on it. In Japanese culture, the number 42 is associated with death (the numbers, pronounced separately as 'four two,' sound like the word 'shini'—meaning 'dying/death'). The character was created by Leiji Matsumoto in 1977 and popularized in the 1978 television series. Since then, the character has appeared in numerous animated television series and films, the latest of which is 2013's. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • History [ ] Though there are slight variations in each telling of Harlock's story, the essentials remain the same.

Matsumoto presents a future (2977 AD) in which the Earth has achieved a vast starfaring civilization, but is slowly and steadily succumbing to ennui or despair, often due to defeat and subjugation by a foreign invader. Rising against the general apathy, Harlock denies defeat and leads an outlaw crew aboard his starship Arcadia to undertake daring raids against Earth's oppressors. Even though they have defeated Earth and devastated its peoples, the invaders are often presented in a sympathetic light, being shown as having some justification for their actions. Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978 TV series) [ ] In, the Captain's crew included the mysterious, alcohol-imbibing alien woman Miime, a robot, and a drunken doctor. The series presented a story arc in which a huge black metal sphere strikes Tokyo and ancient legends appear to be walking the Earth again. The invaders turn out to be the Mazone, a race of plant-based women who explored Earth in the mythic past and are now back to reclaim it.