Burgess Powerline Bandsaw Bbs 20 Manual

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I have Bandsaw by Powerline. Burgess Model BBS20 Mark2. Unfortunately I received it disassembled and without its manual. I try to use it but don’t know and I have no one to ask here - how are the two sets of wheels (one set of Ocolon and one set of metal – be attached). (attached is a picture) I am very interested in getting a copy of the manual and could use the help of somebody who uses this kind of saw and could send me a picture of the blade and place of the wheels.

Can I purchase the item that sets the distance of the cut from the blade? Or just a picture of it so I can try making an item like that on my own. I will appreciate any answer and would appreciate pictures. I can be contacted directly in this address Sincerely Elkana that do? On the burgess, the centre disc/ blade guide wears out quick, if you order one, get a few spares, Please to post a reply.

I recently acquired a Burgess BBS 20 small 3 wheel bandsaw. But was wondering if anyone had an instruction manual laying around. Burgess BBS-20 Bandsaw Instructions. 20 bandsaw and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get an instruction manual for it. Got a Mk2 Burgess bandsaw, dose.