Borderlands Offline Installer

I'm having a small issue with BL1. I'm aware it's on Humble Bundle for like $1 but I already have it. The release date check fails so i. How to install the Community Patch: Before you go and apply the Borderlands 2 unofficial community patch i would like to point out these few things: Don’t have Borderlands 2 running on your system when you apply these changes.

Greetings, Traveler! Welcome to Pandora, its moon Elpis, and the Helios station. We are all things Borderlands, including all DLC, sequels, pre-sequels, and re-pre-sequels.

Resources: Skill calculators: BL1: BL2: Don't forget to Rules Read the! It tells all. At the very least, browse our. The short form: • Be excellent to each other. • Be careful with spoilers. • No begging. • No commercialism.

When seeking co-op partners here, don't forget to mention your platform, PC, console, or whatever: you can add suitable to your post title, or simply [Tag] if you'd like. Timezone (for schedule) and geographical location (for lag) can also be significant. Finally, where are you in the game itself? PC players may join our. We have our own thanks to We also have a thanks to.

Discordians should check out the as well. Co-op reddits: SHiFT Codes Previous SHiFT codes: Partner reddits accepts non-text posts. 400% more link karma!

For Pre-Sequel content only accepts powerleveling and duping requests, unlike us for trading gear, as opposed to begging for it for 'modding' discussion. Gibbed, Cheat Engine, etc. For that other game by Gearbox Software that is was sucking precious, precious development resources from Borderlands 3. Not that we're bitter or anything for another non-Borderlands project by Gearbox.

Mac Users: If you are using a Mac, you will not be able to install from the disc. Please double-click on the game in your Library list to begin downloading and installing the software. Using Steam launch options to install retail games from disc • Log in to Steam and click on Library. • Right-click on the game, select Uninstall., and then Delete.

• Insert the first disc into your computer. • Close Steam (Steam > Exit). • Press Windows Key + R to open Run • In the Run window type: 'C: Program Files Steam Steam.exe' -install E: Replace E: with the CD/DVD drive you are installing from if is not correct.


Replace C: Program Files Steam if your Steam installation is not in the default location. Steam will launch and ask you to sign in if you do not have your password saved.

Shejrhoi behtarin dar borai modar. Your installation should continue from the disc.