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• ' Released: June 19, 2013 • ' Released: August 28, 2013 Yeezus is the sixth by American rapper and producer. It was released on June 18, 2013,.

West gathered a number of artists and close collaborators for on the album, including,, Noah Goldstein,,,. Yeezus also features from,,,,,. Fifteen days before its release date, West enlisted the help of producer to strip down the record's sound in favor of a more approach. Yeezus has been characterized as West's most experimental and sonically abrasive work. It draws from an array of, including,,,,,.

Book Of Yeezus Pdf Download. 3/20/2017 0 Comments Listen at charismapodcastnetwork. There's no lack of controversial Bible translations. The Book of Yeezus is an interventionist art, coffee- table novelty, that will appeal to Kanye fans everywhere and those made curious by this enormous cultural phenomenon. It's foolish and blasphemous.

It also continues West's unconventional use of, as on ',' which prominently interpolates 's 1965 rendition of '. The release features no album artwork, and the physical edition of the album was released in a with only a strip of red tape and sample credits. Initial promotion of Yeezus included worldwide video projections of the album's music and live television performances. West released two from the album, the song ' in July 2013 and ' the following month. Yeezus received widespread acclaim from critics, many of whom named it among West's best work and commended its brash direction, though public response was divided. The album debuted at number one on the, selling 327,000 copies in its first week of release.

It topped the charts of 30 other countries, including the. Yeezus was nominated in two categories at the, including. As of 2016, the album has sold 750,000 copies in the United States. West first began work on Yeezus at his personal loft in Paris, and on numerous occasions visited (pictured) for inspiration.

Following the release of his fifth album, (2010), West collaborated with longtime friend on (2011). In July 2012, producer revealed that he had been working on West's sixth solo studio album (and seventh overall) and that it would be released after (2012), a collaborative between members of West's record label. For Yeezus, West enlisted several collaborators, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. The album features additional vocals by,,,,,.

West was influenced primarily by minimalist design and architecture during the production of Yeezus, and visited a furniture exhibit in five times. A single lamp was his 'greatest inspiration'. West worked closely with the architect Oana Stanescu, and took 'field trips' to. Fascinated by Stanescu's comments on the unusual and radical nature of Corbusier design choices, West applied the situation to his own life, feeling that 'visionaries can be misunderstood by their unenlightened peers.' West also met with and Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt, and had 'rare Le Corbusier lamps, chairs and obscure body-art journals from ' delivered to the loft. West also wanted a deep hometown influence on the album, and listened to 1980s most associated with his home city of for influence. 's was also an inspiration for the album.

Recording and production. Kanye West enlisted co-founder to executive produce the album. In 2012, West began recording his seventh studio album with collaborators, including. The first recordings were held in January 2013, in the living room of his personal loft at a Paris hotel, referred to in the album's credits as the 'No Name Hotel'. West kept compositions simple in order to hear the tracks more clearly; too much bass or complexity would simply overpower the room's poor. Derevyannie fermi chertezhi3940891 The beats emanating from the loft space, which sometimes lasted through the night, provoked complaints from neighbors.

Reports emerged that he and his then-girlfriend had moved to the loft in order for West to begin work on the album. The atmosphere in the studio was described by contributor as 'very focused,' and West once again brought in several close collaborators. Producer noted the inclusive 'group' atmosphere of the sessions, in which multiple contributors would work on similar pieces, with different elements ultimately selected from each. All involved were given a song to work on and return the next day to sit and critique, a process compared to an art class.