Bloomberg Keyboard Driver Fingerprint

Device downloads. For software and drivers select your product from the list below. Keyboard With Fingerprint Reader. Manuals Limited Warranty. Product Guide. Limited Warranty. Product Guide. Limited Warranty. Product Guide. Limited Warranty. Product Guide. Select driver language. One appears as “Bloomberg Fingerprint Scanner” as before, and the other as “Bloomberg Keyboard Features”. If the driver for the Bloomberg Fingerprint Scanner device is not installed, the Bloomberg Fingerprint Scanner entry might not appear in the Desktop Viewer and so might not be available for redirection.


So i recentley bought this fancy Bloomberg keyboard thats meant for some fancy banking terminal or something. It had a fingerprint scanner, i thought it was neat and rare (on russian market) and i like cool rare hardware (and this one is indeed really cool good quality too made in mexico) So i wanted to get the fingerprint scanner to work. For that i had to install unneceseary bloomberg softwarte package. So the fingerprint scanner works it shows my fingerprints and stuff but it only works for its own software to acess some stock traiding/banking servers online. I wanted to get this thing to work with windows like instead of a passwork kinda like what many business laptops have. The problem is i need some driver that can gewt this thing to work with windows and i googled stuff but havent found anything so far (the only software i found cost 200 bucks) and i am short on money right now.

So i am looking for something free. Now i was never really interested in biometric hardware and i dont know much about it, but i heard that windows 7 supports buimetric scanners. So does anyone know anything i cound use or help me get this thing to work? Yeah, well i also had a laptop with a scanner once, which i didnt use. But the laptop turned out to be a piece crap anyway (sadly a $2500 piece of crap) but this keyboard here i found is really cool and high quality, it would just seem like a waste to have a cool keyboard like this and not use the fingerprint scanner.

Well I did find the driver for the scanner, which seemes to have unlocked the option of 'biometric devices' inside the control panel. Sadly that option dosent do anything. It could be because Win 7 dosent support the technology any more. All i need now is to find a good free piece of software that allows me to intergrade finger scanning into the authentication of my account. There is one piece of software i fopund from some IBM notebook. It sortof works but its way too buggy.

Other software dosent recognise my device for some reason. So i will keep searching untill i find a good one, then ill post it here in case anyone ever becomes interested this info could help. The problem is, i have the driver the device works. Shltools v3 testi 3

But there is no software for it (no free software anyway) that provides the software to have the driver work with the OS. There are some pieces of software out there, but either they are not compatible with my particular scanner, or they dont recognise the scanner for some reason. There is one IBM software that does recognise it and even reads my fingerprints, but its buggy and crashes all the time. And for some reasin, my fingerprints are not good enough for it to register.

Much of the notebook fingerscanning software i tried dosent even want to install because its ACER only or HP only or stuff. The IBM software installed fine, but one is really buggy, the other cant talk with the scanning hardware driver for some reason. But a lot of the software is compatible with my fingerscan. The thing is, you can decompile these installers, and change some registry codes, to make them install. The thing is, they are all different and i just dont know what to change, i need directions. I did find one guide, which does that, but for some reason, it ended up not working, and i doubt it would work anyway, but a lot of this laptop software could very well work if you could just remove that 'acer only' or 'HP only' limitation inside the installers.