Blank Spisok Na Perechislenie Obyazateljnih Pensionnih Otchislenij

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This study was undertaken in order to investigate mentoring as a dynamic factor in leadership development. Although the subject matter is broad, - this particular study focuses on mentoring in ”Living Word Ministries” as part of leadership development. Methodology consisted of a theoretical and qualitative interviewing process. During the informal interviews, ”Living Word Ministries” was used as target group to investigate mentoring, discipleship, development time line, succession and development of leaders. In conclusion this study unanimously identified the lack of mentoring as crucial factor in ”Living Word Ministries”. Mentoring and discipleship as two related concepts in leadership development need to be incorporated into ”Living Word Ministries” and the body of Christ.

Download free yellow magic orchestra bgm zip code. Discipleship can therefore be used as a conduit for the mentor to develop leadership abilities of the prospective leader.