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This Do Not Resuscitate Order can be kept in a patient's medical records. It requests that CPR not be performed in the case of cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Hi, I know, this topic has been debated here extensively, but I haven't found the answer for my question yet. So, I'll be traveling to () from in July by my own car. I've read a lot about long waiting times. Skripsi sistem informasi perpustakaan berbasis web browser. Is there any way to avoid the lines? Early morning maybe? I guess the most frequent border crossings are Shehyni and Krakovets. What about Budomierz?

It's on a local road (at least Google Maps show it so), does it mean it will go faster through the customs? Is there any other, more local border crossing that I could use? My problem is, that I have very limited time in Ukraine, so I'd like to spend it wisely. I prefer to drive a bit longer through the country to get to a smaller border crossing than waiting in the line. Thank you for your help! Hi Not sure if I hadn't responded in another thread:) Anyways, re.

The road quality is poor there in fact. You have to go something like 20 km to get to the main road. Overall, my experience tells me to avoid the local crossings. I had the longest waiting times (circa 10 hours) at Ustyluh/Zosin which is one of the smallest crossings on the PL/UA border! At the same time, waiting in Hrebenne/Rava Ruska or Shehyni/Medyka never exceeded 2 hours in my case I'd definitely go for Shehyni or Krakovets. Re the queues - it's a hit or miss. Either there are no queues or there are very long waiting times.

As a general rule - it's better to enter early in the morning (most queues are in the opposite direction) and leave the country late during the night. Avoid the days following Polish bank holidays (fortunately for you, there are no bank holidays in in July) Just in case - you can see them here The reason is as follows - many Ukrainians simply go shopping in Poland right before the Polish bank holiday and right after.:) Don't forget your car insurance - there is a special type for non-EU countries and it's called Zielona Karta in Poland. Just ask your insurer for that (in case they can't provide you with it, you can purchase it right at the border). Wow, sorry for that long write-up but at least I hope it helps:). I just want to post my experience with border crossing.

Not a good one! We entered at Korchowa - everything was ok, slow, but ok. O our way back we went to another border crossing at Medyka. Somehow it turned out, that our car was not in the system, so we couldn't 'check-out' the car, which in their minds never entered Ukraine:/ so they sent us back to Korchowa. It was already 10pm and we had to drive all the way to and then back to Korchowa. Then waited there for about 4 hours to find our car on security cameras (that's what they told us) and finally let us through. And at 5pm we were back in.

I don't know if it happens more often or were we just unlucky, but it was definitely one of the most unpleasant border crossings. Bluetooth win7 suite download for acer laptop. You can imagine how happy we were to be back in EU:D But otherwise Ukraine in very beautiful place and I'd go back again any time! We traveled from UK to for 1 month holliday but once we arrived polish borders everything changed. First there was like 5 hours wait at polish borders ( medyka ) and once we past our european polish border thats where problems started. I have british passport and my misses has ukranian and our car is under her name.

So at the ukranian border they told me we only allowed to be in the country for 5 days becouse my misses has ukranian passport even tho the car and licence and resident permet was from UK. So i asked them is there any alternative way to do and border officer said yes we just need to go natarious and she can give the right for me to drive then ill be able to stay in ukrain more then 5 days with UK number plates. We went like 5 different natarious and none had any idea what border officer said. So we decided after 4th day to return the borders and find out what we can do. On the way back there was police car around 1km away from borders who was stoping all the cars and making them wait. So i decided to walk around and see how we can pass this police, a strange man came up to me and said he can pass me through this que if i paid him 40€, first i didnt belive it and declined, after 10 min decided to go petrol statio and saw few big guys with brand new x5 and i knew they dodgy guys, walked up to them and asked them whats the deal about this borders and he goes 50€ or 1500 griven ( ukranian money ) and he will bring me right outside the gate. So i gave him and he did what he said:) and then i understood its all games to make money from innocent people who are crosing the borders.