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BGA is planning on moving to 99 Bauer Drive this weekend (Friday November, 17th thru Monday November 20th). BGA will close its offices at 1 p.m. On Friday to help facilitate the move.

In this IC-Databook Software you will find pin assignments, connection layouts, function tables and the most important specifications available for the 40x. BGA Designer Suite (BGAD) PCB+DRCP+G2C+BGA+CERM+IRT+FLX+ADR+DOC+EDGE+GDSC The BGA Designer Suite automates the design of all types of BGA technologies including Wire Bonded, Flip Chip, Chip Scale, Wafer Scale, Flex, and TAB Bonded.

Please bear with us as we make this transition. After the move our Phone and Fax numbers will remain the same. The only thing that will change is our address: BGA, LLC. 99 Bauer Drive Oakland, NJ 07436 If you are visiting our office, here are simple directions: Take Route 208 to the Colonial Road Exit.

Make a left hand turn onto Colonial Road, and follow the road to the end until you reach the Flashing Red light. Make a right hand turn onto Franklin Lakes Drive, and follow the road until you see the lake on your right.

Make the first right hand turn after the lake onto Bauer Drive. 99 Bauer Drive is the second building on the left. To get to Route 208 from Manhattan, take the GW Bridge to Rt 4 West, and merge onto Rt 208 1 mile past the Paramus Mall. To get to Route 208 from the Upstate NY and the North West NJ take I-287 to Rt 208. To get to Route 208 from the South and Central NJ, take the turnpike to route 80 West, and then take Rt 17 North. Take the ramp for Route 4 West, and then merge onto Route 208.

Hi all I am new to this forum and to the bga trade, first timer actually. I bought my machine off someone locally from craigslist from. I have been interested in fixing video game systems and computers for a while, but never really researched it much. I seen an add that someone had posted on craigslist selling their bga rework machine.

It was someone's kid selling it, he said his dad had a shop and closed it up because he retired last year due to being sick and not able to work anymore. I got it for $500 off him, for the machine only.

I would need to buy thermometers, probes, stencils, jigs, flux and solder balls when I understand the machine better and learn which name brands are best to buy. Don't wanna buy the wrong supplies and end up repurchasing everything again later on. Not till I understand all of this process first.

So I started researching everything from how to use and set up the machine to understanding everything there's to know first. I see that the most important thing people talk about, is building a good working reflow profile and that you need software to be able to follow a graph chart. Only problem, no one tells you what's the software called and where to get it from. My machine is a honton 390. I contacted the kid that sold me the machine and and asked if he had a software cd for this machine or any other supplies for it. He said he really did not know anything about it.

He's in college and it was his dads business, and he was just selling what his mom told him to sell from the shop and that's all he knows. So If anyone can lead me into the right direction on what to do to obtain a software cd, I would really appreciate it.

I have a rs232 to usb adapter, I know you need one of those too. Not sure if what I have will work or if honton has their own brand of rs232 cables that I need to use with the machine. I would also like to know what are the best supplies and tools to purchase.

Don't want to buy something that don't work good and have to repurchase again later. Who better to ask, than the people on here with experience? Hope someone can help me out. Thanks Justin88. Nonsense, no need to run this machine with any software.

It's very limited and the only advantage you get, if you're lucky to have it work fine for you, is to see a graphic of the temperature curve. Which is not necessary if you implement my method. The software has no control of the machine, all it does is send the settings to the controllers and show you a graph of the thermocouple. Only this very simple task and still has lots of issues doing it if you dont have a rs-232 controller it likes, or if honton didn't solder the external thermo-couple connector right etc.

It seems like it always fails when I really need it. Webasto tsl 17 repair manual That one ran once, but didn't ignite, and then didn't make any noises after that initial run. I picked up a used unit so I can swap them with less down time for burner cleanings. It wasn't running consistently so I thought it was time for another cleaning and I swapped in my other unit.

It's 2015 and still there are people buying machines that have's equivalent to buying a brand new iphone 1g today Not your case, but just for the record. Check these tutorials to get you started: [Only Registered and Activated Users Can See Links.