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DISC 1: Bad Blood; 1. Things We Lost in the Fire; 3. Bad Blood; 4. Overjoyed; 5. These Streets; 6. Weight of Living, Pt.

• ' Released: April 27, 2012 • ' Bad Blood' Released: August 17, 2012 • ' Released: October 19, 2012 • ' Released: February 24, 2013 • ' (promotional) Released: March 5, 2013 • ' Released: June 3, 2013 • ' Released: August 23, 2013 • ' Released: 11 October, 2013 • ' Released: 2014 Bad Blood is the first album. It was released in the UK and Europe in March, 2013, in Canada in April, Japan in July, and America in September through. It was re issued in November 2013 as All This Bad Blood, with a second CD of B-sides and new songs. A main theme on the album is fear of growing up and responsibilities. Contents [] Background and production On the 4th July 2011 they released their debut single '/' through London based independent record label Young & Lost Club, released on 7' vinyl limited to 300 copies. The single now can sell for over £300.

In late 2011 they self released their debut EP Laura Palmer as a digital download and on CD. They signed to Virgin Records and released their second single ', but bc of little promotion for the single, it failed to chart. In early 2012, they also released the mixtape as a free download, which featured covers of various different songs. They released a third single, ', in August 2012, which managed to chart a number 90 in the UK ayyy. In late 2012 they released.

They re released 'Flaws' in October 2012 on vinyl and digital download, which charted at number 21 in the UK. In support of the singles release, they went on their short Flaws Tour. Self gizmodgery download torrent. Recording Bastille began proper work on Bad Blood June 2012 with Mark Crew in his studio in South London. Kaaloo tilekter mugalimge. Dan said 'we basically made the album in a studio the size of a cupboard, so it was one extreme to the other. Producing the record, I wanted to off-set epic sounding instrumentation with lyrics that combine intimate stories or conversation. The contrast was something that appealed to me.' By late 2012, they finished recording their first album but were deciding on the track listing.

All This Bad Blood cover Lyrics and Themes All the songs on the album were written. Some songs on the album were written as far back as 2009, probably earlier. ' and ', as well as ', were recorded as demos in around about 2009 when Dan was going solo. Dan said he wrote all the songs after work and in his free time. Fear, responsibilites and growing up are a main theme on the album, obvious on songs such as '.

Dan said “I think a lot of the album that we’ve just made — I didn’t realise this at the time — has a real sense of fear. Fear of becoming an adult and not realising that you have. You know, those years around your late teens or early 20′s, where maybe you haven’t really been taking things that seriously and then suddenly you are sort of faced with responsibilities.” The opening song on the album is ' which was written about, well, Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It is supposed to be two corpses who died during the eruption and they are 'slightly bored because they're stuck next to each other forever. But put across in a slightly more ambiguous way.' He said the song 'ultimately it is quite tongue in cheek'.

He said that the two corpses are just having a conversation, and that 'it's a moment of reflection and introspection, but they’re trapped in time so it's a moment that'll go on for an eternity.' The eighth song on the album is '. Dan said at a this Q&A for Soundrop that 'Oblivion' is about trying to follow someone to the place they go when they lose their mind'. In a different interview thing that '[Oblivion] tells of an intimate moment in which someone is telling their passed out friend that ‘however hard they try, they can never manage to follow them to whatever level of inebriated escape they manage to get to.’' The eleventh song on the album, ', was originally featured on their first EP in 2011 also called, along with three other songs on Bad Blood. The song was based on the character in Twin Peaks.

On All This Bad Blood, the first part of the album is called All This Bad Blood and consists of just b sides. ' comes from the ' single, ' comes from the ' single, ' comes from the ' single and ' comes from the ' single. ' is a hidden track on the original version of Bad Blood. ' and ' are bonus tracks from The Extended Cut version of Bad Blood. The second part of the album is called Other People's Heartache which mainly consist of songs from. It also has two newer songs on it which are ' and '. ' is written about and his sister being taken to Africa by their parents, who are from Africa.

Dan said that 'The Draw is about the fears of being away and feeling the pull of being drawn home'. ' is a mash up of 'The Rhythm of the Night' by Corona and 'Rhythm Is a Dancer' by Snap! ' is a City High cover. They are both from Other People's Heartache Pt. Artwork Release and Promotion.