Baldwin Ode Banjo Serial Numbers

History Part 4 Ome Banjos. Ended up selling the ODE Banjo division, which was part of Baldwin-Gretsch. I should have checked the serial number of that. BALDWIN ODE BANJO 1970'S MADE IN BOULDER. This auction is for a great banjo made by Baldwin. It is an ODE. Model number 6510; serial number 5-75-14. Made in Boulder, CO. This instrument was taken to Strait Music in Austin, Texas for an assessment.

I am an active duty Army soldier who will be retiring this summer and as a retirement gift to myself I am seeking to purchase a banjo and learn to play. This is something I have wanted to do for years but never found the time to devote to it. My knowledge and experience with Banjos is very limited so excuse the ignorance. Long story short I have found what I believe to be a good deal on a quality banjo but need some advice. The banjo I am looking at is a Baldwin Ode (Model # 6505 / Ser # 8-80-63). The finger board has hearts and flowers on it and it has a wood rim with tone ring.

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Wood appears to be walnut. Asking price is $1000.00. The banjo is in perfect condition and sounds fantastic. I examined is thoroughly and find nothing wrong with it at all. Is $1000.00 a decent price for a banjo of this type?

Also does anyone know the year it was made of any other specifics from the model and serial number? I thank each of you in advance for your help!!

Ole, Baldwin Ode banjos were made from 1966 until the very early 1980's, so your banjo had to have been built sometime during that 14 or 15 year period. Most that I've encountered have been from the 60's and early 70's. The ones I've seen and played have been very serviceable instruments.

The instrument you're considering matches the specs of the Baldwin Ode Model C, which was their midrange instrument. You can find the model description about halfway down on this PDF file of their 1967 catalog: Hopefully someone with far greater personal experience with Baldwin Ode banjos than I have chime in on this thread, but having put together more than one five string banjo from parts, I can tell you that the asking price sounds fairly reasonable to me.

Just getting parts of that quality to build one for yourself would cost close to that. So I'd definitely try to haggle on the price if I were you, but it doesn't sound outlandishly expensive to me. You might want to check with the folks on the Mudcat Cafe website, to get their opinions on the price - there are probably more dedicated five string banjo players on that forum than on this one. But it sounds like a good deal to me.

I actually prefer the sound of walnut banjos to maple ones, as they have a sweeter midrange and low end, in my opinion. Hope this helps. Wade Hampton Miller.

I'm reluctantly selling my 1972 Baldwin Ode Style D banjo. Baldwin and Ode on headstock. Serial number places it around 1972. Its in great condition with the exception of wear on some of the gold plating. This banjo is a hoss.

Beautiful walnut neck and resonator veneer. Scruggs tuners on 2 and 3. Powerful and crisp with very good note separation. Good intonation down the neck. You will not be disappointed. Formerly owned by Buddy Blackmon, noted banjo teacher, Nashville session musician, and associate of Bobby Thompson.

I don't have documentation to support this, but its a fact. Comes in a period hard shell case. Audi vwtool 209 for windows 7 english. Extras: I hate to ship a fine banjo so I won't. I'm willing to meet halfway though up to 150 miles. Call or text 770-655-575 three Price: $1,800.00 USD Shipping: Prefer local transaction - will drive up to 150 miles Posted By: United States, Douglasville, GA, 30134 Condition of Banjo: Used - Very Good Condition Type: Brand: Ad Status: Expired, #44570 Item viewed 4585 times © 2019 All rights reserved.